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WWE Officials Reportedly Negative On Rey Mysterio, Rating For Monday’s Raw

— Following Rey Mysterio’s visit backstage at last week’s Raw SuperShow in San Diego, California, any mention of his name to WWE brass reportedly resulted in a very negative speech. There has been underlying friction on management’s part due to tough contract negotiations and not returning from injuries as early as they’d like. Also, some feel because of his small stature, he’s lucky to be employed to WWE.

— The February 20 Raw SuperShow garnered a 3.24 cable rating, up from 2.99 the week before. The February 6 show drew a 3.25.

Raw averaged 4.63 million viewers, nearly identical to an average of 4.62 million on Feb. 6. The program averaged 4.66 million viewers in the first hour and declined to 4.59 million in the second.

— Jerry Lawler will face Tommy Dreamer on March 16 in Nashville, Tennessee at 1056 East Trinity Lane. The show also features a match between Doug Gilbert and Larry Zbyszko.

sources: Pro Wrestling Torch, Wrestling Observer

  • SB2012

    Theres No Point in rey going to tna because all of their high ratings are because of the knockouts

  • Nicholas

    I like Rey a lot been watching since his days in Wcw. An let me tell you this if Wcw push more guys like Rey and Jericho they still would be in buisness today. But looking at it from a business point of veiw hate to say it but see Wwe point. Hey let’s face it Rey best days are behind him. Don’t worry to much about the Hispanic viewer Del Rio will take care of that and there are still more Mexican wrestler to be coming. But back to Rey I think it time for the guy to hang it up call it a career or if he wants go to Tna. But I look at if from a business which not a lot of people on the internet understand like they think they do.

    Hey like Rey but as for buisness maybe it time to call it a career. I mean he is injury a lot should be alright when it comes to money. Just looking at it from a business point of veiw he Pro wrestling is a young man game.

  • scooter

    first and foremost yeah reys short bud he is jacked! seriously he’s incredibly muscular more so than some of the bigger guys!
    second I’ve sold merch on shows before and whenever I ask a kid who their favourite wrestler is the answer is always either john cena or rey mysterio and the mysterio just shows how over he is!

  • KpNuttzLol

    Both parties are lucky in my opinion. Wwe is lucky that he still competes and he still works with them as the mask sales benefit them. Where as Rey is lucky that he is still employed as he is injured more often then not, he is no longer in his prime and if memory serves correctly he contemplated leaving because he wanted more money.

    They really need to come to a compromise. Rey needs to be willing to return quicker after intense rehab but Wwe need to understand that he has had multiple serious leg injuries and that with each one he needs more time off and a less serious schedule.

  • JIR

    Rey Mysterio reminds me of Manu Ginobli

  • Philzibit


    “dripping with muscles”

    That sounds like the most fuckin disgusting thing ever.

  • Matt

    he’ll be less and less important to them now they have Del Rio to replace him.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Rey is still one of the WWE’s top babyfaces regardless of if he is main eventing or helping a mid card guy get over. As much as Cena is over with the kids, Rey is just as over.

  • Devil_Rising

    Yeah……Rey Mysterio Jr., the guy who’s made them nothing but $$$$ over the last near-decade. I’m sure his merch is STILL selling even with him gone. He really can’t wrestle anymore, due to his knees, but if they’re mad because of his injuries…well HEY WWE, guess what? He destroyed his knees making you all that $$$$. Get a freakin’ clue.

  • shawn

    either he wants too much or hes getting too little compared to anyone whos been there with less years. who knows. i dont know if seniority is favored from WWE when paying every wrestler because of contract technicality. hard to choose a side. i like Rey but started getting bored with him as he aged more. but i respect him, WWE thinks looks are important……. ha, friggin WEE. cant wait for WM! WOOOOOOOOOO! WHAT? i just said WOOOOOOOOO!

    gatta take a break from this. WHAT! “your welcome”.

  • me

    rey is way past his prime, guy should have retired 3 or 4 years ago

  • Stashathan

    Yes it makes me sick as well
    Enough said

  • venom

    I know we’ll see Del Rio vs Mysterio at Mania this year.

  • What a slap in the face wwe has 0 respect for rey and what he has done for not only the wwe but the sport of wrestling itself makes me sick reading this

  • Jimbo


    They’re both injury prone because they took ‘roids. Batista was favored because Vince likes big guys.

  • Leon

    I can’t beleive I’m saying this but Rey is now helping younger stars like cody rhodes out. If it wasn’t for Rey match at wrestlemania cody would prolly be a low mid carder. Let the guy be 100% when he returns.

  • Austin316

    Rey’s lucky to have been with wwe for so long?…more like WWE has been lucky to have Rey for so long

  • Logan

    So let me get this straight, Rey is a hard worker, his lucha libre style makes him stand out, has good merchandise sales and he’s a big draw to kids. I remember reading an article a few days ago how HHH believes the Hispanic audience is important and Rey seems to be the main wrestler to draw to that community. And they’re negative on him? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Who cares if he’s under 6ft. I’m glad he’s not trying to rush to come back earlier and is thinking about his health first. Doing his high flying style for over 20yrs has to be killing his knees. *No knee & arrow jokes please*

  • whocares

    Rey is still a major draw in 1997. But his knees are shot, and most of us are sick of the 619. He sells a lot of masks, but that’s it. He should only be kept around to put over new talent. His forgettable one hour title reign last year was pointless.

  • CiB


    Totally agree. At this stage I think Rey Mysterio could probably work in any promotion in the world, and could more or less set whatever terms he likes. WWE is very lucky to still have him.

  • poko

    Rey probably wants top dollar, which makes sense given his popularity and drawing ability, but the WWE likely doesn’t see much of a main event future for someone who isn’t 6’5″ and dripping with muscles. They’re probably planning to have him feud with Mark Henry or Mason Ryan next, so they can focus on his size rather than his wrestling ability.

    The WWE has been lucky to have had him for so long.

  • Jake

    Rey always wants a new contract

  • Bill

    That line about “small stature” made me cringe. Rey’s a hard worker, & the poor guy can’t help it if he gets injured. What about the big, bad Batista? He was totally injury prone! No one was “reportedly negative” about him for it!