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WWE Not Planning On Changing WWE Title, Sin Cara T-Shirt Surfaces On eBay

— Regarding rumors of WWE changing the appearance of the WWE Championship, while some in the organization are pushing to do away with the “spinner” strap, no official change is currently planned.

— The Sin Cara Goteo De Oro T-Shirt featuring the shape of a penis embedded in a gold design that was pulled within hours of being listed on last week was briefly supplied by WWE’s Japan Shop ( in very limited quantities. The Japan affiliate mailed out the shirt and one has surfaced on eBay.

— The pre-sale code for the April 2, 2012 Raw SuperShow in Miami, Florida is WMWEEKMIA. The pre-sale kicks off tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

— Monday’s Raw SuperShow was the No. 1 most-mentioned show on social media in all of broadcast and cable TV, according to


  • PinkSinCara

    Someone needs to “Alaundra Blaze” the spinner belt!

  • venom

    I thought they already had a design for the new title made since 09.

  • ohhh u didnt no

    Get something going on Twitter that’s the only way

  • MrDr3w

    The WWE Title belt will stay the same since it’s a top seller, because the kid’s 1/ want to be like John Cena, and 2. like spinning the thing.

    @adam: There will always be kids in the world, even when these ones grow up.

    As long as there are kids in the world, the silly products, the PG rating, and the stupid belt design will stay. It’s all about money to Vince. You guys are a very small percent of the fans who watch. If you don’t like it, stop watching. I don’t think a few people will matter much in the ratings.

    Stop Complaining.

  • Just Watch all of you people complainning the title needs a change will be the first to say the title looks stupid once they change it, i dont like the wwe championship, but by the looks of things they changed ecw title into something stupid, the divas title is stupid, tag team titles are stupid, if they change the wwe title its gotta be good give them time to think of a good idea because their ideas of changing wwe titles sucks as of right now with the recent changes in wwe titles.

  • WWE@Helms

    @Jay Nah man I think it’s shit itself.

  • Nicholas G

    Man have a little patience for goodness sake. They are going to change the WWE title sooner or later just not now. It is like the IC title being change back to the old IC title it didn’t happen over night but the IC title was change back an mean something again. The same will happen with the WWE title. I love how IWC will jump at everything that is said negative about the WWE at the drop of a hat.

  • Jay

    Fuck the WWE and Fuck the title. Ugliest piece of shit I have ever seen.

  • Bill

    Why? Seriously? This WWE title has been used more than the 2 previous ones combined. If it’s money you want, make another one so people have something new to buys. Idiots.

  • d

    if wwe makes a new title and cena wins it ( hopefully not anytime soon ) i’m sure the kids will want it

  • JayHawk

    The fad with spinners in hip hop is pretty much dead and cena’s hip hop character is also dead so the belt should be dead. Go back to the old eagle belt from back in the 80’s early 90’s like they did with cody and the ic belt there was a pop from the crowded when it was brought back that was loud. Hell the belt doesn’t even spin anymore it just has the WWE logo on it just have CM Punk do like stone cold and throw it in the river and have him come back with the old school belt and eating a WWE ice cream bar!

  • Jimbo

    Twitter is the only thing that gets WWE’s attention these days, so everyone make “Change WWE Title” or “Ugly WWE Title” trend.

  • W.cares

    Got to love a couple of trolls blaming Cena for the belt not being changed. Despite him saying as well he wants a new belt as well. Cenas not the problem here, he allows legends (The Rock) and up and comers (Ryder/CM Punk/Miz) their time in the spotlight.
    At the same time he’s good for BUSINESS.
    NEWSFLASH: Companies don’t stop making something that makes money, so when the titles stop selling you will see a new title. And by buying one of Cenas rivals shirts you’re not making a statement you making the WWE money. Also if you seriously don’t like Cena, don’t watch the PPV’s/Shows don’t buy tickets dont buy ANY merchandise (yes that’s right that CM-Punk shirt to spite Cena you bought? Makes WWE money. Shocker right?) and let the fans who like the shows enjoy themselves.

  • Buttercastle

    Wow that shirt is going for 91 bucks so far. People must love staring at a golden…….. Sin Cara.

  • Dave

    It was introduced to fit in with Cenas Rapper gimmick. And that finished 5 years ago. So I’d say it was time for a change. Apparently WWE has a new belt ready and waiting. But the current one still sells stacks of replicas.

  • The dick tee shirt shall never b silenced!!

  • VenomEX

    which pretty much confirms that cena will get the belt back one way or another….he always does e.e

  • scsa852k

    before MITB, Punk said he’s gonna change the look of the championship.
    What happened to that..

  • Adam Jr.

    Geez Dad, I love John Cena, didn’t know you hate him that much. You been lying to your teeth the whole time! You said you liked John Cena too, and hell, even wore his Purple shirt that you bought from

    Just a ruse…go screw yourself dad, you’re suck a fake.

  • adam

    @cakes. THe little kids who want to be just like cena and think its fun. Because thats all wwe really cares about latley is what the kids think. Well guess what soon those kids will grow up and it will come sooner then you think then they will realize how idiotic that title looks and how crazy it is to have the top level top belt in the company look like a peace of garbage like all of us have. I mean if you want to bring back a spinner at least the US title looked cool better then the current one honestly. But have a normal world title for christ sake.

  • Cakes

    The spinning title is stupid. They stole the idea from when 50 cent came out and G unit had the spinning chains back in 2002-2003. And when they brought the title in, the idea was already corny and played out. Now it’s 2011, time for a champ. Even when NBA players win the finals, or NFL players win the superbowl, they need use the WWE as a prop. They use the WHC as their prop. And the argue of it being a top selling item? They had the title for like 5-6 years, I’m sure everyone who would’ve bought it, already bought it. Who the hell is still buying it??

  • adam

    Wow wwe fuck you even john cena wants the belt changed but no you have to keep it.