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WWE Still Pushing Ryback, Backstage News on Foley-Punk

– Despite Ryback’s loss at WWE Hell In a Cell, the idea is to still push him as a top star and put everything behind him.

– WWE officials have been working on ways to use Mick Foley in the CM Punk storyline and Team Foley vs. Team Punk at Survivor Series may not be the end of their encounters this year.

No word yet if WWE officials are still considering a Foley vs. Punk singles match at December’s TLC pay-per-view.

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  • SYM

    whats the difference between Cena and Rybacks wrestling ability?

  • Butters

    I respect Mick’s history, but I don’t want to see him wrestle anymore.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    @ Matt

    Just because someone (and by someone, I mean a lot of people) doesn’t like Ryback, you jump the gun and label that person a “one of those people who doesn’t want change.” Granted, I won’t argue with you that there are a ton of bitchy fans who bitch no matter what. Or the idiots who bitch about wanting change, then bitch when they actually get it too. I’m all for creating new stars. I really am, because that’s what WWE desperately needs right now. I mean, look at Damien Sandow. I fucking love that guy. I knew him as Aaron Steven on the indies, and thought he had something special. Then WWE did nothing with him as Idol Stevens back in 2006. But look at him now. Doing really well for himself, and it doesn’t hurt that officials are high on him too. But WWE creating new stars, they should’ve been doing it all along, instead of feeding everyone to Cena and Orton for the better part of the last 7+ years. Those guys had their time, they’re in the prime of their careers now and still have many years to come, but they’re in a position now to totally put new people over to make the future stars of the WWE.

    And the problem with Ryback, and yeah, I’m gonna state the obvious… he’s a Goldberg clone. And I was never a fan of Goldberg, if you haven’t seen my rants about that guy on this site before. But he did his thing in WCW, got over, made money, etc. Good for him, whatever. But Ryback does nothing to separate himself from being a Goldberg clone. He says he’s not, he’s more athletic, blah blah blah. But yet, he comes out and it’s pretty much Goldberg’s exact entrance, from the head down, to the intense stare, right down to the stretching out of his mouth and grunting just like Goldberg did. It’s like “Come on, dude”… seriously? If you don’t want to be called a Goldberg clone or have the crowd mockingly chant GOLDBERG at you, then change things up. So my problem isn’t creating a new star; it’s recycling an old one.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    WWE is going to screw Ryback up just like they screw everything up.

  • Matt

    A WET NAPKIN you have to be one of these fans that never want anything to change. Seriously Ryback being pushed isnt a bad thing. Just because they want him at a main event level doesnt mean he is getting a championship anytime soon. For crying out loud Dolph Ziggler and The Miz are on that level but you dont hear people bitching about money. Give Ryback a chance they gotta know what they are doing.

  • Men on a Mission

    Foley vs. Punk at Survivor Series would have made sense. I was getting excited about it until Foley introduced Ryback…


    Nobody wants to see Ryback as a top star they will lose more ratings if they keep this up

  • Robert

    Foley v Punk – Hardcore Match