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WWE Ranks The Ten Greatest Superstars To Never Win A World Championship

In an all-new 10 Count currently airing on WWE Classics On Demand, Matt Striker counts down the ten greatest Superstars to never win a recognized World Championship. The rankings are as follows:

10. Arn Anderson

9. Chief Jay Strongbow

8. Paul Orndorff

7. Nikita Koloff

6. Junkyard Dog

5. Scott Hall

4. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

3. British Bulldog

2. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

1. “Rowdy” Roddy Roddy Piper

WWE Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski and Lance Storm were also listed as honorable mentions.

Matches featured in the piece include Arn Anderson vs. NWA World Champion Barry Windham (WCW Slamboree, May 23, 1993), Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Superstar Billy Graham (WWF at the Philadelphia Spectrum, November 25, 1982), Paul Orndorff vs. WWF Champion Hulk Hogan (Saturday Night’s Main Event, January 3, 1987), Nikita Koloff vs. Sting (WCW Great American Bash, July 14, 1991), Junkyard Dog vs. NWA World Champion Ric Flair (Clash of the Champions XI: Coastal Crush; June 13, 1990), Scott Hall vs. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting (WCW Uncensored, March 15, 1998), Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude (WrestleMania IV, March 27, 1988), British Bulldog vs. WWF Champion Shawn Michaels (In Your House: Beware of Dog; May 28, 1996), “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase vs. WWF Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage (WWF at Madison Square Garden, April 25, 1988), “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. WWF Champion Hulk Hogan (WWF The Wrestling Classic; November 7, 1985).

  • The Showoff

    Well they sure as hell got #1 right. Piper is the man! Too bad Owen Hart isn’t on there tho he deserves it. Also Brian Pillman and William Regal both very underrated. I would replace Strongbow, Koloff, and Orndorf with those 3.

  • J-J

    Would’ve loved to have seen Owen & Regal on that list but who do you take off it? MAYBE JYD & Strongbow but damn I wouldn’t want to make that decision. Very strong list indeed…

  • Logan

    Blasphemy they forgot The Black Hart!

  • Dave

    We will never forget The King of Harts.

  • barry horowitz

    and yes perfect was AWA champ so thats a world title. and yeah owen’s wife apparently wants him to be forgotten by the WWE or something.

  • Anon

    Let’s not forget it says this:

    “..counts down the ten greatest Superstars to never win a recognized World Championship.”

    So, this counts WWE, WCW, AWA, ECW, and anything else WWE owns the rights to.. This isn’t just a list of guys who have never won a WWE World Title.

  • Stinger Splash

    No Mr. Perfect, no Magnum TA, no Rick Rude (and NO the WCW International Belt doesn’t count)….WTF. WWE sucks, they account history and THEY see it not how it was.

  • Stinger Splash

    No Mr. Perfect, no Magnum TA, no Rick Rude (and NO the WCW International Belt doesn’t count)….WTF. WWE is on some BULLSHIT.

  • Stevie P

    Owen can’t be named guys because of his wife. Remember that. As far as the list is concerned, it’s pretty valid. Perfect deserves an honorable mention for sure. Arn could be a little higher but for a WWE list, pretty solid.

  • Devil_Rising

    How they could not mention Owen Hart in that list is beyond me.

    He was every bit the technical wrestler Bret was, as well as being an athletic high-flyer to boot.

  • SYM

    WrestleMania 35

    Kelly Kelly vs A Wrestling Match
    Sakamoto & A.W vs Mr. Fuji & MVP
    Kamala vs Zack Gowen
    Hulk Hogan vs Eve in a Porno Flick
    Ray Charles vs Santino Marella
    Teddy Long vs Chris Beniot vs ShockMaster vs Batman
    Juan Cena vs “Kobe Bryant Rape Joke” for the WANW Title

  • poko

    Curt Hennig won the AWA championship at least once, I’m pretty sure.

  • Jimbo

    That’s a pretty strong list.

  • poko

    I forgot Nikita Koloff never won the NWA title. He was pushed as an absolute monster. His luck being around at the same time as Ric Flair, I guess, though he would have had a better chance if Magnum TA had captured the world title as planned.

  • haz

    Scott hall is the man

  • Jared

    They forgot Mr. Perfect

  • steven

    Wrestlemania 30

    Miz vs Christian vs Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne vs Alex Riley vs Zack Ryder vs Drew McIntyre (Ladder Match for IC Championship)
    Beth Phoenix vs Natalya (Women’s Championship)
    Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth vs Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston (World Heavyweight Championship)
    The Dudley Boyz vs Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs Usos vs PTP vs Hardys (Elimination Tag for Tag Team Titles)
    Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow
    Shawn Michaels vs The Rock
    Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker
    Kane vs Triple H (First Blood)

    Main Event: C.M Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ( WWE Championship Falls Count Anywhere)

  • WeAreOne

    And yet their is no William Regal

  • Damien Phoenix

    Forgot Owen Hart on the list WWE

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    you could be half right…..
    bryan and ziggler could happen as well as barrett and orton.
    Kharma is done!!!!
    Punk and Austin has no chance….and Brock vs. Undertaker is more realistic than taker and cena..
    rock vs. cena 2 WILL happen though…with Cena winning this time.
    Sin Cara vs. Mysterio in a mask vs. retirement match would be fun to watch….if cara wins, he gets mysterios mask to wear and rey retires…if mysterio wins, cara has to unmask.

  • mike

    Off topic but this is my wm 29 dream card that the wwe could pull off realistically with good build…thoughts?
    Bryan/ziggler for the whc
    10 man mitb
    Sin cara/Mysterio
    Kharma/phoenix/natayla for the divas title
    Seth rollins/sandow for the IC
    Punk/Austin (no holds barred)
    Brock/Rock (wwe title