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WWE RAW Supershow Ratings for Last Night’s Three-Hour Show

– Last night’s three-hour episode of WWE’s RAW Supershow from Detroit, Michigan scored a 3.0 cable rating with 4,388,000 viewers over the full three hours. This week’s show did hours of 2.48, 3.22 and 3.41.

During the normal two hours, RAW did a 3.3 cable rating with 4,752,000 viewers. This is up from the previous week and can be seen as a good sign for the John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar feud.

Source: PWInsider

  • eric

    raw was really good the last few weeks since lesnar came back. i am pro wrestling fan i like wwe tna indies roh shimmer aiw other indies wrestling and mainstream wrestling. tna needs to get rid of hogan bischoff flair all old guys. bring back 6sided ring. start focus on xdvison tag team and ko’s and young guys. tna was great in 2004-2009. hogan bischoff 2 years ago when tna started to suck in my opinion.

  • Nicholas

    I looks like WWE is slowly getting out of the children wrestling show again. Don’t think they will go back to the Attitude era because that has not work out so well for TNA. But maybe they are trying to make WWE as real as it can get which is why they brought back Brock Lasner. He has got ESPN an many people talking about WWE again. To me not worried to much about the ratings. I am just looking for wrestling as a whole to be good again.

  • Jason

    Unlike most of you I can give another brand credit when it should get it. I have no reason to bash Raw this week because it was a good episode. Maybe you guys should show TNA the same respect. I don’t expect that to be honest though.

  • philly655

    @Reverse Price Albert

    Nah jasons not ill, TNA have just got some RVD t-shirts they can’t seem to sell so jasons down on a local street corner husslin’
    for PPV buys, “free t-hirt with every purchase sir!”

  • Reverse prince albert

    I was expected to read negative comments from jason… is he sick this week?

  • Gorilla

    Kamala’sLeg vs. Al snows Head with Mr.Socko as special referee and Jim Ross’s colon doing commentary in a end of an era hell in a cell at wrestlemania 29…make it happen vince

  • JayHawk

    Raw was pretty good and the kofi vs jericho match was good but where is the whole need to push new stars? Ziggler and Swagger in comedy matches when we all know they can wrestle even though swagger sucks on the mic. CM Punks test was good but I would have liked to see Kharma come back but maybe at extreme rules or next weeks raw. They need a real good summer feud to start soon and please something new hopefully they will make some surprising draft picks if they have a draft or just disband the whole brand thing which looks like they are doing. Guess we just have to wait and see and a PG extreme rules kind of sucks to!!

  • kamala’s leg

    Why wasn’t I invited to the smackdown blast from the past? Someone could carry me in a box.

  • poko

    RAW was not bad, especially for a three hour show. The usual comedy crap was mixed in, but that gave me a chance to check out the Ranger’s game on the other channel. The complete devaluation of the Tag Team division aside, I’m content with a lot of what the WWE is doing. Not everything, of course, like Ziggler and Swagger jobbing, but content overall.

  • Gorilla

    No Taker No Game No Hbk No Rock….sorry Vince even your hero brock can’t fill those empty slots…but don’t worry Vince your still a billionaire…well at least on wwe programing you are in the real world your half a billionaire…

  • Jimbo

    Raw was good this week because it actually featured matches instead of stupid, inane BS (except for that turd, Hornswoggle).

  • Jason

    I thought Raw was good this week to be honest.

    Just for the record it is okay to be a fan of both TNA and WWE. Just saying

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Raw had it’s moments and would’ve been a better raw if it was edited to 2 hours.

  • CAYK

    Yeah well the Titantic is gonna have to hit something first.

  • Shawn

    Not looking good at all. Titanic, anyone?