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WWE Releases Chavo Guerrero announced today that Chavo Guerrero has been released from his WWE contract.

Chavo Guerrero released
June 25, 2011

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of WWE SmackDownSuperstar Chavo Guerrero as of today, June 25, 2011. We wish Guerrero the best in all future endeavors.

  • adam tarasievich

    Ya he had alot of shots i think his best shot believe it or not was as kerwin white. But then eddie died and he droped that gimmik and since then he hasnt done anything really besides the ecw title run but nothing else.

  • CC

    I’ve never really cared for Chavo. He has the talent, thats no doubt, but he never had star potential. No way was WWE ever gonna give him a bigger role cause he just doesnt have what it takes to be any bigger than he is now.
    And lets be fair, he has had more chances than most people and has been used more than some guys who are a lot more talented than him.

  • trevor

    i think vickie will be darren youngs pro!!!!!

  • Gary

    I think chavo will land in TNA with there whole mexican group they got going on over there…

  • KpNuttzLol

    @Nathan-Yes, Darren Young is still in the competition…it will be interesting to see who replaces him for the finals.

  • adam tarasievich

    I liked him sorry to see him go. But he didnt really do that much over the past few years. I mean it has to show something how little faith the wwe had him him were they pushed rey using the hole im doing this for eddie thing over chavo who is his actual family. Plus they used vickie more then they have used him. The only thing im wondering right now is who will coach daren on nxt.

  • venom

    I’m sorry for saying this, but I am glad he is gone. He just got really stale over the years. He was good but it was time for him to leave. He was nothing more than a shadow of Eddie.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    TBone… That would be one of the most idiotic moves and for someone to suggest that makes me wonder about you. She is the biggest heel, right next to Cole and that is pretty sad considering they aren’t even wrestlers, sorry “entertainers”… All they need to say is 1 line and the crowd wants their heads. Which means they are doing their jobs especially if you want her gone.

  • cheesehandler

    hahhaa….Bills a retard….yeah cuz Bill has inside info dont ya Bill…ya piece a stool

  • Myers

    Me fail english? That umpossible.

  • Stephen

    He wasnt as good as eddie was

  • Stephen

    Good chavo sucked any ways s eddie was and he though he is as good eddie and since he died all chavo did was use his moves good luck chavo in tna

  • Paul

    Lol, They should bring back the light heavyweight division back. Cara, Bourne, Kidd, rey Mysterio jr and chavo (before they cut him). WWE is losing it, Chavo could of been a great manager too. This sucks, another talent they messed up on. If TNA got their heads out of their ass. WWE would be in trouble,

  • Nathan

    Isin’t Chavo’s rookie still on NXT?

  • Joe

    I just don’t get WWE sometimes. I really hope he goes to TNA and gets used properly.

  • Myers

    Bill was there everybody.

    If you follow Chavo on twitter you know they story. He is sick of the product and was tired of being the guy who made people look good but never got a push.

  • Jason

    he asked for his release he said so on his twitter. wrestling edge needs to update this story

  • Bill

    @Greatness, that’s exactly why he got fired…

  • Greatness

    Not surprising considering he took most of the blame backstage for the Sin Cara match.

  • BuckieKid

    cya in tna chavo all the best

  • TBone

    now if they’d just rid themselves of Vickie….but I think they feel duty-bound for what happened to Eddie.

  • TheMark

    So it begins….