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WWE Releases Longtime Announcer, Scott Hall Thanks Fans For Support

— Hugo Savinovich, color commentator for WWE’s Spanish language television and pay-per-view broadcasts since 1997, announced Wednesday on YouTube that he is parting ways with the organization.

Savinovich says organization officials informed him a few days ago that his expiring contract would not be renewed. He thanks Vince McMahon for giving him the opportunity to work for WWE fourteen years ago after he fell hard on drugs. He does not know if he will continue to call wrestling matches, but he does know that he will be writing a book dedicated to spreading the word of God.


— Scott Hall posted a message on Twitter following ESPN’s profile piece tonight thanking fans for their support.

He wrote, “Thank u for all your nice comments & for always pulling for The Bad Guy!”

— WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is advertised to appear for Pro Wrestling Destination at the Neil Road Recreation Center in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, November 5, 2011.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    some people are completely jaded

  • RoxanneConner

    @JIR: Haha, really? And you think Scott Hall hasn’t thrown away just as many chances? He’s probably wasted more opportunities considering he’s had these problems for the last 15+ years, basically the entire span of the Hardys’ careers. I don’t like the Hardys’ work, their attitude, or their behavior, either, but don’t try to put them down to make Scott FUCKING Hall look better. It just doesn’t work.

  • voice of reason

    @ venom good one one thing i’ll say about you you always have a good one liner that makes me laugh so thanks for the laugh & keep them coming

  • JIR

    @keylo first off accepting God into your life doesn’t change the fact that we must all pay for our mistakes in life its not just an instant clean slate but the realization that we are wrong and must make amends

    Second Scott Hall is at least publicly trying to change his life for the better, The Hardys have had all the opportunities in the world and have just thrown them out the window

  • venom

    I guess he got tired of his table breaking first.

  • Scott hall for life bitches

  • voice of reason

    ok here goes @ keylo when a person has hit the absolute bottom in life & is using drugs & such religion is a wonderful thing to focus on, now i am not a very religious man but i do respect people who have made a complete turn around in life & if religion helps then awesome.

    as for matt hardy, matt has made a complete idiot out of himself, now i am always one to fight for the underdog but matt has made it a full time job at burning his bridges as of late with these idiotic pranks he has pulled lately i kind of think matt thinks he is the new star of jackass.

    now for scott hall, scott hasnt pulled any shit like matt has, the man has hit rock bottom so now with help from family, friends & fans hopefully scott can find his way back to sobriety so if he reads any posts here by me it will be nothing but positivity.

    as for hugo i don’t understand spanish but if hugo has found religion & turned his life away from drugs then we should applaud him for that.

    wishing you nothing but the best in the future hugo good luck in any & all future endeavors

  • Mabry

    @Keylo, two things, am not really religious, but when you hit rock bottom, many ppl find a way out through God. Its up to each one´s faith. And about Hall, no one supports or likes what he does, the difference between him and Hardy(whom am a fan of too), is that he runs hes mouth too much and acts like an idiot with he´s stupid videos and comments…. that pisses ppl of….

    on adifferent topic, between 1994 and i think 1997, Hugo Savinovich was pretty much like Lawler used to be…. he was really funny, but then got replace by Tito Santana, who with all do respect, wasnt very good at calling matches….. ill kinnda miss Hugo and hes wrestling stories….

  • keylo

    What is it with Junkies and finding god, do they think like the coke head hbk that all past deeds are forgiven by giving up drugs and saying,I found god” blah blah.

    I also love how on this site we have people ripping Hardy over his drug taking and yet sing the praises of Hall the arsehole brass monkey.

  • Rated M

    damn thats so sad I grew up in mexico hearing these two call some of the best wrestling moments in the attitude era

    after I saw this news I felt so bad. wrestling wont be the same 4 me
    at least he was a piece of the golden era of wwe and now he’s gone damn

  • voice of reason

    oh shit forgot to finish off my above comment with a “HEY YO”

  • SusyRko

    Man I’ m gonna miss him, he his like Jim Ross soo classy, wish him the best, Por pooooquito!

  • voice of reason

    get well soon scott & hopefully one day you can come back & be the bad guy we all love wishing you nothing but the best your one amazing person who has just hit a pothole in life.

  • HR

    Get well soon bad guy…….Hey yo!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Weither you wanna say it or not, those two guys (hugo and carlos) are a big part of wwe and especially the additude era. Always shown like Effmenow shows plus there table always was the one to get broken LOL

  • JIR

    Gods got a new role for him proud that he publicly supports his religious beliefs

  • Boondock Saint

    Every time I see WWE Releases Longtime Announcer or WWE Releases ECW Original I think Joey Styles is gone.

  • Effmenow

    “…And we send it over to our spanish collegues Hugo Savinovich and Carolos Cabrera”