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WWE Reports Contusions for Tag Champions, Concussion for Brodus Clay

– Following the attack from Big Show on last night’s RAW Supershow, WWE has posted injury updates on Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.

WWE doctor Chris Amann says that Clay suffered a concussion and several bruised ribs. WWE says Clay went against Amann’s advice and would not go to a medical facility for further evaluation. WWE reports that Clay left the New Orleans Arena with Naomi and Cameron around 11:45pm Central time.

Regarding the WWE Tag Team Champions, WWE reports that Kingston and Truth both suffered multiple contusions to various areas of their bodies as a result of Big Show throwing them into the ringside barrier and the steel steps.

  • Randy

    R truth needs more crazy promos. that would allow Kofi and R truth a chance to turn on each other.
    It would make an awesome match.(kofi is sick of R truth talking to little jimmy and says something to truth and truth gets angry..and so on…..)

  • Aircorn I think your knowledge of what a jobber is is just a little clouded

  • Tyler(:

    3 Crappy Jobbers aka. 3 Upper Midcarders.

  • sam mccourt

    oh right well the tag team division really doesn’t impress me, in fact i skip through tag team matches so its no suprise i didn’t remember him!

  • scooter

    The worst thing about wwe misusing big show all the time is that he can still go. I’d love to see show as a dominant heel champ that was the catalyst for getting an up and coming babyface into the main event scene!

  • poko


    I did.

    I want to see the tag team division rebuilt, and that means having at least one team composed of somewhat popular face characters for the fans to cheer. Kofi and Truth are the closest thing in the WWE to that. Besides that, both are good performers. Regardless, “contusion” just means “bruise”, so I hardly think that equates to “losing” them.

    So, yeah, I definitely voted thumbs down to that comment–not just because I disagreed with the sentiment, but also because it made no sense at all.

  • SYM

    Did u guys seriously thumbs down @aircons Comment?

  • Maxwell

    AW stands for A Walking Nigga

  • shawn

    i think O’neill and Young are the next tag champs. thats something racists would like I bet btw.

  • joe

    AW is abraham washington, that black guy that they show in the back the past few weeks trying to become wrestlers managers

  • Knightcon

    AW is Abraham Washington. He’s there manager

  • sam mccourt

    (putting this for longer comment) who is AW?

  • Mabry

    How many times is WWE going to push Big Show as a giant unstoppable force, to either loose to Cena, or simply go nowhere with the character???…. he will probably end up winning the Tag titles… other than that, i see no future in this, just a fill up to keep Cena wrestling… in the “main event” unfortunately…

  • aircon

    OH NO WE LOST THREE CRAPPY JOBBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boo hoo

  • Adam

    I predict that AW will invoke Primo and Epico’s rematch clause for the Tag Team Championship this week. WWE is so predictable.