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WWE Responds to More Negative Media Towards Linda McMahon

– After issuing a letter to Linda McMahon political opponent Chris Shays last month, WWE representative Robert Zimmerman has once again defended Linda by issuing a “formal reprimand” to Journal Inquirer Managing Editor Chris Powell.

“Maybe in time Connecticut will consider the pornography and mock violence of the wrestling business from which McMahon draws her fortune to be as legitimate as any other business,” Powell wrote last week.

WWE’s Robert Zimmerman sent a letter to Powell and Connecticut political reporters. “Although this was an opinion piece, your position as managing editor of the Journal Inquirer would ethically require you to report the fact accurately and not distort the truth. For future editorials and news stories that may pertain to WWE, we want to reiterate the facts to you so you clearly understand our programming content and the type of entertainment we provide to our more than 300,000 fans in the State of Connecticut,” Zimmerman wrote.

While Linda has been looking to distance herself from WWE in this campaign, it appears that WWE will be quick to defend her from attacks. Zimmerman was asked if the two letters signifies an effort by WWE to correct what it sees as falsehoods about the WWE brand and said “yes.”

  • Bawb


    Careful about what you say about Donald Trump because I think he just disliked your comment.

  • Stashathan

    Oh so true. I mean how much longer can WWE keep defending her
    when she doesnt even care weather they do or not as
    noted she is trying to distance herself from it in her
    campaign. I say WWE officials should let her fail on
    her own

  • Devil_Rising

    Maybe WWE wouldn’t have to worry about Linda catching so much shit, if she’d never gotten it in her head that she somehow belonged in politics in the first place. She belongs in politics about as much as Donald Trump does. That being Not At All.

  • venom


    I think we will have a better chance of that happening if you don’t vote for her.

  • Austin316

    If I vote for Linda, Can she promise me that wwe will go back to attuide era, if so, where do i vote?!