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WWE Not Re-Stocking Punk Gear, Linda McMahon, Styles Comments, More

– Stan sent word that there was 24 minutes and 15 seconds of in-ring action on this past Monday’s RAW from Boston.

– Joey Styles commented on Twitter about John Cena and CM Punk’s promos on RAW this week: “@CMPunk, are we allowed to say “wrestling” and “wrestler” again? Is @JohnCena holding the Championship “belt”? Did I miss a memo?”

– Linda McMahon has pulled out of a forum on fiscal responsibility at the state and federal levels, to be held this Friday in Connecticut, due to another commitment. Linda is still expected to announce a 2012 Senate bid.

– In an update on CM Punk’s merchandise being sold out online and at RAW, the official Twitter of WWE’s shop website says there are no plans to re-stock any Punk merchandise for the time being.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    Thank you, i know right. i was pissed when they changed it to well this format but a lil different. god the amateur porn was terrific!

    I aint sayin… im just sayin…

  • nick

    @sexton I remember those days get your wrestling fix and your porn fix all in one site lol those were the days

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    i dont know why I just dont like the bastard, he reminds me of the kid in school that even the kids who got picked on, picked on him. And i honestly dont have any idea why i feel this way, i just do, but as ramble i miss my point…..stan is an asshole and and every one agrees.

    has any one else been coming to this site sice back when the site cack ground was blue you two choices of way to view the site rite from the home page and there was actually half way decent porn sents in the forum? Im just wondering?
    I aint sayin…Im just sayin….

  • Bill

    @CM Mark, so if you agree with Eric, are you not going to order MITB? I would’ve assumed you of all people would’ve ordered this PPV with the whole Punk situation.

    As for Stan(no, this isn’t just directed at Edge(AKA Sexton)), but why do you guys hate him? It’s his job to contribute to the site & that’s probably what he’s assigned to do. I mean, I wouldn’t do it, but still….

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    @cm mark
    stan is the lil asshole who “sends word” every week of how much in ring time we seen on what particular show, he’s such an ass clown!

    I aint sayin… Im just sayin…

  • CM Mark

    I’m glad I got one of the new logo Punk shirts before they made it ugly nex-ses yellow.


    Who the f*ck is Stan? LOL…

  • The Killswitch

    The fact that he’s leaving doesn’t directly influence the lack of merchendise. If and Punk makes it to the Alumni page, he will still be associated with the past of the WWE, and the WWE Shop still sells MVP, Batista and HBK merchandise.

  • Bill

    Maybe WWE’s twitter is just playing along with the storyline. When Jeff Hardy left WWE, did they announce that they wouldn’t be restocking his merchandise? No, because he really left & we all knew it. WWE is trying to persuade the fans that Punk is really leaving, so maybe he won’t actually leave. Who knows?

  • The Killswitch

    Bring back CM Punk’s Fists shirt. Please.

  • erik

    why do people still order wwe ppv? since all there ppv are same cena and orton winning there belts.

  • venom

    I think the same way about Stan. Great job Stan!!! You make us all proud. You can send word on how much promo time there is too.

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    Dude every time I read a headline that involve you I think to my self ” Stan, you ass hole.” And I dont know why either.

    i aint sayin… im just sayin…..