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Security Ordered To Look Out For Intruder, Daniel Bryan Ends Losing Streak

— The latest issue of WWE Magazine claims security personnel at television events have been ordered to keep an eye out for an individual who appeared on the last season of Tough Enough as he/she is threatening to intrude WWE programming.

“The Informer” says: “Insiders report that a certain Tough Enough loser feels he/she was wronged by being eliminated from the program. So much so that he/she is threatening a run-in on WWE programming!

“Arena security is on alert all over the U.S.”

— Daniel Bryan beats Heath Slater on this week’s episode of WWE Superstars, which resulted in posting a headline reading “Bryan Finally Wins!” The sub-headline reads “Daniel Bryan snapped his losing streak on “WWE Superstars” with a victory over Heath Slater.”

Bryan had only been on a two-match losing streak: he lost to Sin Cara on August 30 and Christian on August 26. Excluding his victory over Drew McIntyre on the August 25 episode of WWE Superstars, Bryan last garnered a victory on WWE programming on the August 5 SmackDown in a win over Tyson Kidd.

  • shawn

    no guys, it says from last tough enough.

  • StudDog

    LOL! I knew it would not take long for someone to insert Matt Hardy into this. Guess it is because they are so tired of hearing about him(note sarcasm).

  • venom

    Why does WWE like to make Bryan lose so much?

  • Sammo

    I’m sure Bryan had more than a 2 match losing streak. Didn’t he lose to Del Rio too?

  • Tony

    It is in the WWE magizine… it is a work. I am assuming the blonde girl is going to debut soon as only her and Andy were ever going to be anything in the WWE

  • Assassino

    I hope it’s Luke, I know alot of people hate him but I think the hate could create popularity.

  • scooter

    Matt Cross? nah he’s an indy guy who got shat on by wwe for being a nice guy! hopefully it’s Martin after all he was in line to win the whole thing!

  • knightcon

    Does nxt even matter? This story line only effects about 20% of fans

  • rob

    I hope its Matt Cross,I liked the guy and he does have the slight sm punk connection.

    My guess would be jeremiah though, he could pull the goofy redneck character to be a disturbance in it all.

    This is all storyline I hope yall know.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    its a cover story its really mathew hardy he feel matt hardy was wronged back when he was suspended so now mathew hardy is seeking revenge he is also hanging out in front of edges house for wrecking his relationship with lita….He is just asking for one more chance like jeff

  • Statix901

    My guess is Jeremiah

  • luke? he seems like the type of guy to do that lol

  • John N

    Could be M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross?