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WWE Seeks Fan Interest on Various Forms of Programming for the WWE Network

– A new WWE survey on the upcoming WWE Network asks fans interest in WWE possibly moving their monthly pay-per-views to the network as “monthly specials.”

The proposed option reads like this:

“This network would include all of WWE’s monthly pay-per-view events to the lineup at no additional cost. Rather than having to pay for them, they would now be monthly specials with the same match quality you’re used to seeing on pay-per-view for no additional cost. These events would only be on The WWE Network.”

The following other options were listed in the survey as possible programming:

* Classic footage of older promotions like WCW, NWA, ECW and the AWA.

* New non-wrestling shows.

* Documentaries.

* WWE talents hosting their favorite movies.

* Repeats of RAW and SmackDown.

* New weekly live in-ring shows.

* Daily in-studio interactive shows similar to news programs or SportsCenter.

* Interactive call-in shows hosted by WWE talents.

* Reality show with former WWE stars living in a house.

Source: PWTorch

  • santino sicilian cool

    i would enjoy seeing fcw being aired from what i’ve read theres some really good up & coming talent there.

  • voice of reason

    i like the movie thing where the wrestlers introduce their favorite movies but what about a music show where a wrestler get to play his or her 10 favorite songs

  • Trixie

    Huge no to the last one!!!

  • jabari

    what about tough enough , sunday night heat , wwe superstar exposes , live events , a wwe app they could show episodes of wwe where wrestlers have camios , old episodes of tough enough also .and just to through this in . the biggest ones of all OVW AND FCW AND USE OVW OFF SCREEN AND TURN FCW INTO NXT AND COMBINE THE ROSTERS OF FCW AND NXT AND HAVE 1 ELIMINATION PER episode INSTEAD OF THAT DUMB REDEMTION THING > GIVE SHANE HELMS FOR GODS SAKE HES THE INDY JOHN CENA > HAVE A REVAMPING OF THE WWE TITLES > HAVE LAURENITUS REVEAL THAT HE WAS THE ANNONOMOUS GM AND HAVE TITLE BRACKETS PLACING CERTAIN SUPERSTARS UNDER WHAT TITLES THEY R GONNA FIGHT FOR

  • voice of reason

    now their releasing more news about the channel it sounds quite good i’m really looking forward to it, i hope we can get in australia.

  • breezy

    def cant wait for this channel

  • venom

    Repeating old ppvs would be nice. I hope this would be a HD channel.

  • KitKrock

    * Reality show with former WWE stars living in a house. <– Big Broski

  • Effmenow

    Old PPVS in their entirety please and you may get a subcriber…

  • ##

    Can do without the movie thing. Everything else sounds good, worried about the footage of old promotions though. Hopefully just show the old shows in full.