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WWE Sets New Attendance Record With WrestleMania In Dallas

WWE has broken their legit all-time attendance record with WrestleMania 32. The event has sold over 84,000 tickets as of 3/8. If WWE wants to get over 90,000, then they would need to sell standing room tickets. AT&T Stadium has massive areas to have people stand so it’s very possible that they get 90,000.

Prior to WrestleMania 32, WWE broke their attendance record back in 1992 with 79,127 tickets for SummerSlam in London’s Wembley Stadium. That was the show headlined by The Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage and “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

The 93,173 number for WrestleMania 3 is listed as their “entertainment purposes” number on internal documents, but the real attendance for that show was just over 78,000.


  • D2K

    I’m only going to say this once because I am sick and tired of this question popping up. The gate of 93,173 at Wrestlemania III is, was, and always will be a legit number.

    1. Back in 2001 I contacted the Pontiac Silverdome office myself and asked them if WM III attendance was a legit record. They confirmed that the gate was legit and that it was an official record.

    2. The bowl itself seats 80,000 for FOOTBALL and was expandable to 90,000 seats. Obviously the ringside area is not comparable to the size of a football-field so they could easily fit several thousand people on the floor seats. Use common sense. You clearly see that all of the stadium was filled to the brim with the floor covered with people as well. Even if expansion was not used, how much sense does it make to suggest that only 78,000 people were at attendance when 80,111 is the max capacity for football before expansion?

    3.The Wrestlemania III attendance was in the Guinness Book of World Records for largest indoor-attendance for sporting event until 2010 when at the 2010 NBA All-Star Game they broke the record with 108,713

    The whole idea of the 78,000 came from a remake made by Dave Meltzer claiming that one of the purveyors of the event told him that the actual attendance was only 78,000.

    It’s almost like people are ashamed or jealous that a “rasslin” event could draw that many people so against a preponderance of evidence to the contrary people just except the 78.000 rumor. The Pope was their the following week and he drew 93,682 as well. The point is that not just WWE was able to fit 90,000+ in there. It was designed for that. This was long before stages and Titantron blocking off whole parts of a stadium. People either deny the amount, or they say, “I bet they gave some of those tickets away just to fill it up.” So what? Are you gonna pass up a free ticket to see Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship? No you aren’t and this is just ASSUMING they did that. The record is about whom many ATTENDED, not how many people bought tickets. If attendance records are just about how many people paid to go there then you can throw 90% of them out.

    I’m willing to bet that whoever this person was that Meltzer talked to could have been referring to how many tickets sold because he certainly could not have precise knowledge of how many people were actually there while the event was going on which is when Meltzer supposedly got this information.

    So please, let this go. I’ll trust hearing the administrators of the Silverdome tell me themselves, the fact that the Silverdome itself could easily hold 80,000 people for a football game alone and expandable to 90,000, simple common sense, and the fact that more than one event had drawn 90,000+ there over Dave Meltzer’s opinion any day.

  • There is still quite a ways to go to that 100,000 number they are talking about.