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WWE SmackDown Rating, The Rock and Cena Trade Shots on Twitter

– Friday’s WWE SmackDown on SyFy scored a 1.79 cable rating with 2,712,000 viewers.

– The Rock posted a link to a YouTube video this weekend that showed a woman talking about how much she loves cats. Rock said if Cena were a woman, he would be that woman.

Cena responded on Sunday and wondered how The Rock has so much free time when he has been out working RAW live events. Cena wrote:

“Hey dwayne. Sorry I didn’t see your message until now. I was busy at WWE live events. I know u don’t have any idea what im talking about… Its ok. I don’t expect u to understand. Enjoy your web surfing. Sounds like u have plenty of time to look up some real cool stuff. :)”

Cena also re-tweeted comments from fans that were knocking The Rock.

  • mark

    Wish Cena and others would get it . The Rock does not wrestle anymore!!!!! doh


    when is cena not scheduled to show the guy does what he can to make sure his face is on tv hoping that all the adults will start to like him

  • whatever

    @ashlinho the satellite was before his fued with the rock, and yeah i see your point on that

    for the rest of the topic, the rock promised alot of things to the ppl, but cena had a point and rock had a point, rock said he loves us and never leaves but where in the hell is he then, at least cena shows up even when he is not scheduled, it took like 7 years to get rock to show up in person

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Rock didn’t sell out… He found a way onto the big screen and took it, he is making more money without putting his body on the line every night.

    Yes he should be at most events. Remember “He will never leave”. When was the last time he was at a WWE event, 2 or 3 months ago? I understand his schedule may not allow him to but don’t lie to your fans…

  • ashlinho

    so cena you said a while ago the wwe has been your home for the past 7 years and you dont do via satelite really so you dont remember your via satelit in the cm punk fued you are a jackass and boring in the ring the fans no what your gonna do before you do your so predictable shoulder block shoulder block pumphandle you cant see me attitude ajustment tell me im wrong xxx

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    ^ But it will always be effective.

  • The X

    Cena’s argument is about as worn out as a used tire. Let it the fuck go Cena and just do your damn job of making kids cheer for you!!

  • KitKrock

    rock SOLD OUT!
    he sold us out. i hate cena but i hate rock more.

  • Rucdogg

    So Cena owned The Rock by saying he was at a live show while The Rock is prob filming another movie making more money than Cena will make this year, not to mention prob get paid more for Mania next year? Im not seeing the owning. Im just seeing Cena use the same tired line that hes wrestling and Rock isnt, damn son get creative.

  • Prince

    So The Rock is supposed to be at WWE live events when he isn’t a contracted superstar? I think he’s got better things to do than that. Not a great comeback by Cena. The Rock is out doing his job, and Cena is doing his. Who cares?

  • Elizabeth

    hahahaha!! Rock so got owned it’s the truth even if you don’t like Cena yuh gotta admit that was funny

  • CC

    Once again, Cena mocks The Rock for being richer than him, more famous than him and having more free time than him .. yeah, you sure told him John.

  • venom

    I want to give everybody some advice, don’t got out with any crazy cat ladies. That was a rough two months.