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WWE SmackDown Rating, Waltman Responds to Laurinaitis, Chris Jericho

– Former WWE Superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman wrote the following on Twitter last night in response to John Laurinaitis’ line about the Jim Ross era of Talent Relations being the dark ages. Waltman wrote:

“Wow, I have to take issue w the Ross Era of Talent Relations being the dark ages. Those were the best times in the history of our business.”

– Chris Jericho took to Twitter last night and wrote the same thing that he said during The Highlight Reel on RAW:

“This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, it’s going to be the end of the world as you know it…. #raw”

– The January 20th episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown scored a 2.18 cable rating with 3,324,000 viewers.

  • what

    easy… Y2J against UNDERTAKER in wrestlemania

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I can’t wait for the Royal Rumble match! I’m excited to see who makes a return and stuff. Remember when Santino thought he had a chance of winning it last year? LMAO

  • Starship Pain

    Damn. The Jerichoholic ninja and Ruffus are coming back to help Jericho win the Royal Rumble. Yes, it’s going to be the end of the world as we know it. Because I’m not sure Funaki is coming back to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania…

  • JIR

    Can’t believe that Laryngitis said that but I loved that GTS and ZigZag at the end saw it coming but still marked out

  • Mabry

    @ Stashathan, it better happen something huge, otherwise…. we┬┤ll just have to keep watching more of the same, or in other words, Cena getting the title right after WrestleMania…

  • Buttercastle

    For the first time ever I actually agree with what X-Pac has going on in his head.

  • bic boi

    I hope Goldust is in the rumble and eliminates Rhodes to get that going

  • My Momma

    Chris Jericho is going to get his former butler Mr. Hughes to help him win the rumble. LOL!

  • Soulshroude

    Taker might return at the Rumble, but other than that… I have no clue as to what surprises await.

  • hjkhjk

    Surprised Jericho spoke so soon. Thought he was gonna do the no talking thing until people REALLY started to hate him.

  • VenomEX

    strangely….i feel fine

  • Jimbo

    It’s still real to X-Pac, dammit.

  • Stashathan

    Something huge has got to happen