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WWE Star Cleared to Return, New Ascension Members?, WWE-Japan

– As noted earlier, WWE has booked Sumo Hall in Japan for July 4th and 5th events. WWE chose not to return again in August because the idea after last year was not to come in during the New Japan G-1 Climax tournament because it invites a direct comparison with New Japan and last year, New Japan garnered more attention and higher attendance.

– NXT star Conor O’Brian has been teasing that new stars will be joining The Ascension.

– Christian has been medically cleared to return to action. If he’s not used at this week’s WWE TV tapings, we may not see him until after WrestleMania 29.


  • Scott Davies

    El Generico?

  • Scooter

    Oh you use puroresu your so edgy and non mainstream. I mean it couldn’t be that terms simply bad engrish for pro wrestling could it?

  • D2K

    If there is a MITB match at WM Christan has to be in it.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Proof that NJPWand puroresu is better than this WWE garbage.

  • ramses 2


  • ramses 2

    como on another wrestlmania without CHRISTIAN

  • adam

    I bet it will be corey graves or a new signing

  • Scooter

    Glad to hear that I loved them as a tag team but find Obrien a bit mediocre on his own. Still the best entrance in wrestling right now though.