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Former WWE Star Mocks Randy Savage’s Death, Wrestler Upset

According to multiple accounts, former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs mocked Randy Savage’s death at a wrestling convention last Friday in Newark, California.

A number of former WWE stars were on hand for Big Time Wrestling’s annual Wrestlefest event last Friday at the Newark Pavilion including Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Jim Neidhart, Jerry Sags, Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart. News of Savage’s passing broke Friday and Knobbs was cracking jokes about the deceased wrestler later that day in front of his longtime colleagues.

Waltman, who witnessed Knobbs’ mean-spirited behavior, took to Twitter to criticize the Nasty Boys member.

He wrote, “There’s no shoot brewing with Knobs. He’s just an asshole for making jokes about Randy Savage dying on the same day it happened. He’s pathetic.”

Waltman also wrote the following to Hulk Hogan, a close friend of Knobbs’: “I’m sorry to even bring you into Knobs BS, but he needs to be held accountable for once. You’re the only one I know who can do it.”

Lanny Poffo was also scheduled to appear at the event but canceled due to the death of his brother.

  • Tyler

    I have nothing else to add. All of you have said it all.

  • Mabry

    Waltman instead of heading Twiter, should have just kicked hes Ass… IMO

  • elvisD

    Brian: Hulkster!!! I have a new idea baby!!!
    Hulkster: What is it brother.
    Brian: I’m down on my luck, I can’t baby sit your kids no more because apparently the advice I gave Nick to drive drunk was horrible.
    Hulkster: What do you Mean? He was paralized and he’s a fucking vegetable,
    Brian: NO! I mean remember when you had a fued with Macho Man? He made an awesome rap album, which made you look like an asshole, remember Hulk?
    Hulkster: Yeah, despite he made fun of me brother, that rap album blew the roof off like I’m doing for TNA brother!!!
    Brian: Yeah baby, well I was doing this Indy thing and talked shit about Macho Man, You should of seen Sean Waltmans face, boy it was nasty
    Hulkster: What did you say exactly???
    Brian: about that he died and how I couldn’t lace up his boots in retrospective
    Hulkster: and what else?
    Brian: That I used to have gay sex with Saggs, you(the Immortal Hulk Hogan_, Brooke Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Orlando Jones, Chuck Palumbo, The Badass Billy Gunn, and last but not least James Bradshaw Layfield
    Hulkster: Did you blow the roof off??? Like I did Impact?
    Brian: It was nasty baby, I laid it down like brooke on her 13th birthday, it was nasty, but i’m gonna go now, can I suck on your cock for friendship’s sake?
    Hulkster: You now it brother, only person to like a dick like you is Bishcoff, Bring it on Nasty Boy
    Brian: dljfdkjfljefiehfalhdlfj I(cock sucking)gargle


  • Charles Spears

    Why would Xpac go to a guy who made the “couldn’t cut the mustard” comment? He should of went to Jimmy Hart and have him talk some sense into Brian Knobbs. Jimmy Hart is Knobbs long time business manager, he should be the one talking to Brian Knobbs about this.

  • Jim Cornette’s Tennis Raquet

    Brian Knobbs- former tag-team wrestler, malcontent, and “that half crippled beer swilling jackass that stayed in Hulk Hogan’s house and watched his kids while they were out”. Even Hogan’s kids made a total shite out of him. Well done Mr. Knobbs…you’re getting heat from Sean Waltman.

  • Dee durp

    *talentless …..

  • Dee durp

    Well, every industry needs talents fucks Hunter.

  • Hunter

    Sounds like your senile, John. Saggs and Knobs make wrestling??

  • john

    you kids need to realize that its the knobbs and sags that made wrestling what it is .so what savage is dead people die everyday no one cares hes gone period

  • scooter

    Fair play to waltman for calling the asshole out on it got a little bit more respect for the guy now

  • Stockton Joe

    What’s a “Brian Knobbs” ?????

  • Hunter

    Why did Waltman take to twitter? Should have gone up to him…

  • mark

    wow i really dont like waltman but im proud of him for this. Savage held a place in my top 5 favortie wrestlers of all time! Legit. Along with Bret, Punk, Taker and HBK. Knobs i hated the nasty boys since i was 5 and i didnt jump on the band wagon when you turned baby face. You’ve always sucked, get hogans cock out of your mouth. Seriously fuck you. its cuz your such a douche you lost your job at tna and you find it necessary to show how much of a dick you are. where would you be without crawling alongside hogan all these years, really? go to hell knobs

  • GreasyRabbit75

    And you know you are a pathetic asshole when Waltman is the voice of reason calling you on your shit…


    knobbs is a fag

  • Valo487

    “Breaking news: Brian Knobbs dead!!”


    “The wrestler.”


    “One of the Nasty Boys”

    “Oh yeah, I think I saw them once when I went to see the Macho Man against Hulk Hogan in the main event, I thought he died years ago.”

    “Nope, heart disease hadn’t gotten him yet.”

    “Ah well, who cares?”

  • Haha! Said the clown

    *insert Knobbs is an ass joke here*

    But seriously that’s not cool.

  • jimbo jones

    Hogan probably told him to do it. you know knobs is connected to hogan by mouth to dick. it is a shame though. i mean in 20 years ill know the macho man by name and probably still recall some of his best matches. When the nasty boys come up ill probably be like “oh yea, i remember them…what was their names… I think they got beat by the road warriors/ legion of doom at that big ppv back in like 1990 something.” too bad when he dies the only thing i’ll remember about him was the fact he rubbed another mans face in his armpit. oh well!

  • venom

    When Knobbs dies, I am going to make jokes about him.

  • cheesehandler

    oh and you know hogan dont give a fuck…if he had a pocket full of fucks and we asked him for one you know hed say “oh you know i dont give a fuck”…hogan just trying to act like he n savage were on the verge of a new friendship…..randy wanted hogan but you know hogan…greatest run n duck guy in the biz!!!

  • cheesehandler

    now i want to see knobbs die…slow n painful…oh but you know hell come out n say oh it was takin outta context…..your whole fuckin career was takin outta context you fat fuck…i hope you die

  • mark

    what a fucking dick, give me 5 mins with him to treat him the error of his ways

  • CC

    Is it any wonder the Nasty Boys have such a shit reputation in the wrestling industry? If it wasnt for their Hogan friendship, they wouldnt get jack shit these days.

    Fuck Brian Knobface, the worthless piece of shit.

  • Diesel

    Lol Brian who??

    But seriously who the f*ck are you to talk Knobbs? What exactly did you achieve in your career apart from a mediocre tag title reign with Jerry Saggs and being Hulk Hogans lacky? Ohhhh yeah thas right… F*ck all!

    I’d never wish death on anybody ever, but if you passed away you wouldn’t exactly pull on peoples heart strings enough to be missed put it that way.

  • Dee durp

    Brian Knobbs might not be a nice person but at least he’ll go down as one of the all time greats. Oh wait…

  • Ronald

    For a second there, I thought it might have been someone worth giving a damn about that said it. Nope. Carry on.

  • misfit del rio

    That fat piece of worthless crap, he couldn’t lace up savage’s boots on his best day. Only reason he’s still in the sport ( yes I said the “s” word) because of hogan, and like waltman said, he should be checked on that. Fuck you knobs you no talent never was. Sags always carried your lard ass.

  • Graymalkin

    This just in Brian Knobbs is dead!……eh….”who gives a damn” Knobbs I’m sure you feel so high and mighty being Hogans lap bitch

  • C.R.

    Knobbs is just a pathetic fat never was that, as stated earlier, couldn’t carry Savage’s jock. He’s just upset because when he dies no one is gonna give a hot damn. That may be mean to say, but newspapers, google, and all the wrestling organizations will not care a fraction of what they’ve done for Macho. RIP Randy.

  • Legend Killer

    At least he’s living up to his surname

  • Sym

    Knobs is just jealous cuz he not even worthy to carry savage’s jockstrap!! He never even came close to savage’s ability or carisma!

  • Logan

    Damn what a class A douche bag.