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WWE Star Returns to Action, New Tag-Team Champions Crowned

– At tonight’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view event, Daniel Bryan & Kane captured the WWE Tag Titles from Kofi Kingston & R-Truth. This ended Kofi & Truth’s lengthy title reign dating back to the end of April.

– Also at the Night of Champions pay-per-view, Ted DiBiase returned to WWE TV for the first time since March when he competed in a #1 contender battle royal to the U.S. Title.

  • simon07

    5 months as champions with only 3 title defenses, what a joke.

  • Nick

    They are a good tag team I must say

  • john

    hope they bring back the old style titles!! don’t make it unified have tag champs on SD and RAW, WWE tag champions on SD and WWE world tag champions on RAW just like it was!!

  • Just Read

    Meant to add PTPlayers are a good tag team. A bit annoying w/ the millions of dollars dance but none the less I enjoy the tag team overall

  • Just Read

    Look. Make Kofi heel. He hasnt been heel since he debuted. Let truth stay face w/ little jimmy gimmick. Have Kofi turn on truth. Keep pushing, Rhodes,Ziggler, Cesaro & goldber…i mean ryback. Push Hunico!. Hes underated. Reminds me a little of Eddie. Good in ring/mic skills. WWE has the tools. Stop cramming CM Punk & Cena dwn our throats each week. Give Reks, Hawkins, Tensai, Kidd, Jtg (yes Jtg hes improved) Ryder a lil shine. PTPlayers are a good tag team also.

  • sandman

    I like R-Truth better as a heel

  • adam

    Ted should of won the battle royal and become number one contender yea he could of lost help Cesaro get a good title run but build up a rivalry were Ted would eventually get the title or something instead of just having him thrown into a battle royal were he’s hardly noticed.

  • tadpole ted

    Kofi needs to turn heel and develop and harder demeanor. switch up his music to something more laid back and act a little arrogant.

  • Jimbotron

    Yeah, I like Kofi and Truth individually, but they were pretty boring as a tag team.

  • Simon

    Not like they did anything as Champs. Change is good. Wonder if we’ll get videos of Kane at Disneyland…?

  • tadpole ted

    Team Friendship!