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WWE Star Says He Has Been Granted His Release from the Company

by Amish Patel - December 02, 2010

– It appears WWE has released MVP from his contract. Below are quotes from his Twitter this evening:

“We all have many dreams. Realizing one sometimes prevents you from realizing another. Decisions must be pondered & made ! Stand by …

No need for alarm. I did not get fired . I asked for & received my release. I felt it was time to go international & freshen things up.

They’re not screwing me this time. They’re actually DOING RIGHT by me ! They’ve honored MY request.”

  • Ryan

    UFC yeah fair enough its big and stuff but what makes me laugh WWE & TNA are sports entertainment, Dana White wont let Brock do an appearance for WWE incase he “gets hurt”, im sorry but last time i looked UFC involves people getting hurt. Don’t say UFC will dominate WWE because lets face it not everyone wants to watch it.

  • Dom

    sorry everybody but the entire wrestling profession will be on its knees because UFC! is STILL! rising

  • Russ

    thank god & good riddance i always disliked MVP..nothing but a disrespectful A$$hole outside the ring..he wont be missed whatsoever trust me…as for his Bullsh*t comment about him asking for his release goes..thats a laugh because thats bullsh*t..see ya dont wanna ever see u in WWE again..bye bye convict go back to armed robbery what u do best

  • joe

    i really liked mvp liked the character alot liked the way he carried himself from backstage to the entrance to the ring…no need to hate on him or anybody..nobody on this website can get in a ring a do what they do…good luck to him

  • venom

    I respect the fact he wanted to leave to become a star. But wasn’t he just fueding with Swagger(a former world champion) on Smackdown? So I wouldn’t say MVP was a jobber anymore. He just got an IC title shot not long ago too. I think MVP was just another victim of using Twitter speaking his mind, and to tell us that was false when it was true. These wrestlers need to stop saying how much they hate their job on Twitter because thats going to get them in trouble.

  • Graham Zane

    would have liked MVP to go heel again, before he went.

    Couldn’t get into the face MVP much like I loathe face cena but love heel cent

    anyway, good luck to him

  • CC

    What the TNA defenders are failing to take note of is the fact that while WWE isnt producing the best product right now, TNA is doing their best to copy that self same formula, and are just looking like WWE-lite.
    WWE may be garbage in many peoples eyes, so why would any company want to be an inferior version of something thats not that good in the first place?

    A couple of years ago they were doing the whole VKM thing, saying how different they were, yet as time has worn on, they are just making the same old mistakes that WWE have made, and the same old mistakes that WCW made.
    Heck, you cant tell me that EV 2.0 (or whatever it was called) was not exactly the same mistake WWE made by signing a load of old ECW stars, then releasing them within a short time.

    If I have to choose between watching rubbish with great production and better tv time, and recycled rubbish with rubbish production and rubbish tv time, I’ll choose the original rubbish thankyou very much.

  • keylo

    TNA just has bad storylines and bad booking.

    And you can say the same about disneys wwe right now and for the past 2 years

  • KillaKills69

    @ Zach relax TNA is ok at best, and yes it’s a third rate company, they can’t even sell shows out in there whimpy impact zone, that’s a shame, cause they have same decent talent there. TNA just has bad storylines and bad booking. And one more Mr. I get a injury every other month is nothing but a big mouth midcard wrestler who doesnt stfu… Blah blah I am asshole…. I think MVP can do better…

  • Zach

    I’m not marking for anything or anybody. I’m simply stating my opinions. Both companies aren’t that great. Sometimes I enjoy one over the other, but to make a broad statement saying TNA is made up of “WWE rejects” is bogus.

  • anthony

    wwe could have done better with mvp but i hope he will go tna since i hate wwe and they seem to no clue on how to book many of there stares any more. best of luck to mvp .

  • ##

    Since Jeff is probably going to jail for being a drug dealer dropping the title to MVP would be awesome. Not gonna happen though as he stated he’s going INTERNATIONAL which maybe means Japan. Rather see him in ROH than TNA. Would rather see ROH on Spiketv and TNA on HDnet but that’s just me 😉

  • Truthiness


    Your overblown marking for TNA has made all of your points moot.

  • Ryan

    By the time MVP gets to TNA it will be on its knees, oh wait it already is! Get Hogan out then we’ll talk about TNA being good again okay?!

  • Zach

    Okay, fa g, you’re an idiot.

    One, maybe he tried to hush the rumors and the writer because he didn’t want the buzz and didn’t want people to talk about something that hasn’t happened yet.

    Two, I assume you’re talking about TNA by “third rate company”. That’s funny because I haven’t seen anything on WWE programming better than what TNA is offering. In fact, it barely comes close.

    And it’s funny how ignorant people think TNA is made up of “WWE rejects”. They take people who WWE doesn’t push, because they can’t get off the Cena/Orton train, and let them be the stars they truly are. Like Mr.Anderson, Matt Morgan, and D’Angelo Dinero. Not to mention their tag division is 10x more entertaining than anythingWWE has produced in years including the top tag team in the world, MCMG.

    Please, MVP goes to TNA and he’ll be World Champion in a matter of months.

  • the people’s dick

    @Ronald Watch what u say about TNA “THEY”RE” watching, get ready for the fanboy war.

  • Ronald

    So what was all that BS MVP was talking about in interviews with how the internet writers didn’t know what they were talking about? Huh? Yeah… looks like MVP was the liar. I feel bad that he never got the push he wanted, but why lie to us? Have fun as a midcarder in a third rate company with the rest of the WWE rejects.

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