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WWE Star Supports Linda, NJPW Owner Sponsors WWE Events, Sandow

– A number of fans showed up to Thursday’s WWE SmackDown live event in Tokyo, Japan dressed as Damien Sandow with his beard and all. Sandow did not work the show.

– It’s interesting to note that Bushiroad, the company that owns New Japan Pro Wrestling, was the sponsor for this week’s WWE live events in Tokyo, Japan.

– AW says he, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are supporting Linda McMahon in her 2012 Senate campaign. He wrote on Twitter last night:

“#AWPromotio$ says vote for Linda McMahon!!! The PTP’z support Linda and so should you!! #VoteOrDie4Linda”

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  • Tom… Just Tom

    Stepping away from politics for a second, I hop New Japan supporting the WWE means an old school return to joint shows…. maybe we will see some NJPW wrestlers in WWE and vice versa. Wishful thinking, but it would be cool.

  • Devil_Rising

    “No offense” to anyone, but quite frankly, I believe it was Chris Rock who once said in an interview, that being a Black Republican is about the same as saying you’re a Jewish Nazi.

  • Jim

    AW has just given the people another reason not to vote for Linda.

  • ant

    That’s the last person the WWE wants to support Linda. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the Kobe quote pulled up. I even saw a guy on ESPN’s Around The Horn blast the WWE for it, as though they wrote it into the script.

  • Bill

    AW must really want to keep his job.

  • Omar

    Heels supporting Linds. What does that say?

  • Tyson Kidd is better than everyone of you

    what a bunch of suck ups