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Another Former WWE Star Upset With Being Called A Turkey, Plans To Protest

Former WWE performer Vito LoGrasso (a/k/a Vito) responded to listing him among the seven biggest turkeys to ever trot the squared circle.

He stated Friday on Facebook, “A lot of people are upset with the WWE today. They spoke of me in a negative way which put the fans in shock. How would they post something like this on a holiday?! I have a family and the kids are all upset. I thought they had an anti-bullying policy.”

The former WCW World Tag Team Champion posted dozens of messages on Twitter chastising his former employer for their bullying tactics. He added, “If you ever been bullied you know how it feels. Good night Joey Styles, where ever you are.”

Vito also reacted to being labeled a turkey in an interview with He says he plans to take the matter to GLAAD and TMZ, pointing out the hypocrisy in WWE bullying him.

Former WWE talent Nick Cvjetkovich (a/k/a Kizarny) shared similar sentiments regarding his former employer’s demeaning piece as he called it “a dick move” in a YouTube video Friday.

He added on Twitter, “So much for anti-bullying @WWE @JoeyStyles. Receiving tons of positive messages is the only thing that saved my Thanksgiving that u wrecked!”

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Personally I think the are getting carried away with this shit. Calling someone a turkey is not bullying and people like Vito and Kizarny should just be happy that someone is at least mentioning their name.

  • really

    vito smells lawsuit money, with a smart lawyer he can make some serious money off of this, it has nothing to do about his kids or feeling bullied.

  • venom


    I agree with you here. It’s not like they are calling these guys bad people. It’s more like a joke. I thought Vito would have been more embarassed wearing a dress. Why is going to call GLAD? I guess he came out of the close or something.

  • Adam

    after reading the article, its pretty clear that there were refering to the character, not the wrestler that portrayed the character. These guys are just trying to use this is a chance to maybe become semi relevant again(if they ever were really relevant)

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Can’t really blame the kids, it is society. Most kids are taught to just ignore or tell an adult about bullies… Especially in school now. You are supposed to “RAT”(Right Action Taken) my nephew for example, gets in trouble because he clocked his bully in the jaw. I’m only in my 20’s and things have changed drastically since when I was in school.

  • The Killswitch

    I really don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Gary

    wow, and i thought this generation wa sthe ‘punks’….people, in our day (people my age) we got bullied and picked on all the time… No kid got in trouble, the only other option was to whip the kids now adays, yall kids cant handle yourself….huh…people wonder why this worlds gettin so damn soft

  • Senior Official

    Not everyone is built strong enough to handle insults. Not everyone can get thicker skin. It’s bullying because they can’t do anything about it being insulted. And their kids will get picked on by ppl because of it. Bullies aren’t limited to just children. Adults get bullied too. Most of the time its in a corp. office or by a thug on the street. Bullying is bullying and it’s wrong. plain and simple.

  • JIR

    Just a bunch of butt hurt idiots people need to get thicker skin and let those comments slide off

  • Because WWE called u a turkey and u plan to protest, dude are u fucking serious ?

  • Satan

    The guy above me is a Turkey..u mad bro?

  • Sean Mooney

    I don’t agree with WWE here at all, but didn’t Vito compete in MMA match wearing a dress? Shouldn’t his kids be embarrassed by that and not the turkey reference?

    No doubt WWE is hypocritical with the whole anti-bullying campaign. It’s always pathetic how they’ve treated JR. Yes, a lot of it is done for storyline, but a good amount of it is done without even telling JR. No respect, WWE is the biggest bully of them all.

  • Buttercastle

    Is he like 5 years old? Since when is calling someone a turkey considered bullying? Next he’s going to cry on twitter because someone called him a butt head.

  • ohhh u didnt no

    Bart gunns probably driving to WWE head quaters now and going the knock everyone the f out!!!!

  • Bawb


    Kids? The fuck you talking about? Explain the sarcasm of it.

  • Effmenow

    None of these kids above me could sense the sarcasm of this whole thing.

  • Bawb

    No, I agree with them. It’s pretty fucked up. They seemed talented in some sense or another, and more talented than people currently on the roster. Vito, especially, since he was a product of the old system. It doesn’t make sense to call these guys turkeys if they were packaged that way by creative and Vince and then released by Vince and management. You kind of have to do what you’re told depending on what THEY see in you. Doesn’t make sense. Although, Kizarny didn’t need a ridiculously long vulgar video.

  • PinkSinCara

    Vito’s kids are upset because he was called a turkey? Yeah that’s much more embarassing then having to tell your friends “my dad wrestles in a dress.”

  • Paton

    well they were pish

  • Oi

    @ Quality Time, think about this you live your dream make it to THE company get cut then a few years later they post something basically calling you garbage. Its messed up that (A) WWE did this behind the wrestlers back considering they hadnt heard from the company in year(s) and (B) They did this crap on Thanksgiving and these guys got messages, phone calls and emails telling them that the company they use to work for just blasted them via internet.

  • you need to give him some quality time

    Not that I’m at all in support of bullying, but these guys sound like they’re just trying to capitalize off the mention. There’s nothing written in that wwe article that should come as a shock to any adult with a sense of humor about themselves.