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Former WWE Stars Expected To Return To The Company, The Rock To Chat With Fans

– Some familiar faces could be returning to WWE in the coming months as there has been a push from several top talents for the organization to bring back some “solid hand” wrestlers that were previously released.

With the lack of depth on the main roster, WWE officials are giving serious consideration to the suggestion. Individuals they have in mind would be of the mid-card variety to assist younger talent, as well as provide solid performances for the company.

There is a short list of potential names WWE is interested in, but no one has been contacted yet.

– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be chatting with fans Sunday afternoon via Twitter. He announced Saturday, “Inspiration, information & a good dirty joke. Been too long.. you & me LIVE! SUNDAY 1pm EST.”


  • paul

    Its Going To Be Jeff And Matt Hardy Since They Both Have Said They Are In Talks With WWE To Return Within The Next Couple Of Months

  • The Great One

    They need to bring back Kharma, Shelton Benjamin, Kevin Nash, Goldust, Ric Flair, Vader (Looked impressive during the build up for RAW 1,000, and Morrison. I agree with the rest of you, they don’t need to bring the hardys back because WWE gave too many chances and they always screw up.

  • J-J

    Suprised I haven’t seen any love for Stevie Richards. The guys can still go & is absolutely shredded. He was always good at putting people over so I’d really like to see him get another shot…

  • Scotlandnumber1

    How about guys like rhyno, matt morgan, the dudleys would be good although there big in tna right now, kurt angle, mr kennedy, rvd, monty brown or marcus cor von, daivari,

  • FLOCKA!!!

    Tajri, Raven, Jeff Hardy, Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, evan bourn and kurt angel… would love to see all them back

  • I think it was more than a Tattoo….sometimes it’s as simple as not having a buddy high up in the company.

  • Tootles

    Shut the fuck up Moseley… u stupid fuck.. im jewish

  • barry horowitz

    daniel schein…it’s MOOT point not “mute point.” and the reason Vance Archer didnt cut the mustard IMO is because of his tramp stamp tattoo on his lower back..that shits embarrassing.

  • Vance Archer aka Lance Hoyt is another guy they dropped the ball with big time. Being TNA made I believe kept him from reaching his full potential as well as them not allowing him to show what amazing feats he’s capable of in the ring. Won’t happen but not a bad idea.

  • The issue with Bobby Lashley is he see’s himself as a main event talent deserving of a special schedule, and the guy never quite got there. Had he of held out a little longer he certainly would have, but it never happened and if the chatter is to be believed it’s said WWE has zero interest in bringing him back part time…….I agree with that.

    Raven and Sandman would be pointless and as a diehard ECW fan it pains me to say both are several years past there prime. Watching Sandman try to wrestle a standard WWE match in his last run was borderline embarrassing. Raven on the other hand has skills that could benefit WWE outside the ring……I always liked his commentary back in the day and felt he could have advanced in time to one of the A shows. He also has a great mind for the business but for whatever reason hasn’t pursued an agent role.

    Chuck Palumbo who someone also mentioned was really at his absolute best during his last run with the biker gimmick. It was a simple bad ass believable true to life gimmick and I felt he had gotten over surprisingly well, but they just never pulled the trigger and halted his push. Palumbo is also now in his early forties and has moved on to projects outside wrestling including his bike business, however I wouldn’t complain if they brought him back. It’s less than 50/50 IMO

    I had heard Brian Kendrick was going to return to WWE for the WWE Network Cruiserweight show, but obviously that never happened. Kendrick is a veteran star and always entertaining despite IMO not quite being breakout material. I see WWE taking a chance on younger fresh Cruiser faces but if they brought the division back they’d need some solid hands.

    One name I’m surprised nobody has mentioned in awhile is Mark Jindrak or Marco Corleone as he’s known in Mexico. He’s still relatively young and an agile big man with experience down in Mexico that could add to his value in WWE with Sin Cara, Del Rio, etc. He just missed out on a big opportunity as he was scheduled to join Evolution, and they even filmed him in the vignette of the group walking off a jet, but it got pulled last minute.

  • My Morning Jacket

    *SPIT!*”I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be´╗┐ cool.”

    Also be great to see TWGTT back always loved their work.

  • Devil_Rising

    I felt so bad for Dlo Brown last time they brought him back. I was stoked to see him return, and then they did absolutely nothing with him, even though he was in great shape and working great in the ring. It was a total waste, as they could have at least done something with him on the IC title level. One of the more underrated wrestlers I’ve ever seen.

    If they did bring someone like Carlito or MVP back, I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. Honestly, if you go back and look at the kind of young talent they had just 5-6 years ago on the roster: MVP, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Mr. Kennedy (will ALWAYS sound better than Mr. Anderson), London & Kendrick, MNM, Cryme Tyme, even “older” guys like Shannon Moore and Shane Helms….and then you look at the “young guys” on the roster now. With the exceptions of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Tyson Kidd, maybe Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston……I mean, really, it’s a lot thinner now. The other new guys really just don’t impress me. For awhile there, they were bringing up athletic guys who could really wrestle. Within the last few years, they’ve gone back to pushing big beefy power guys who really aren’t that great in the ring.

    It’s like the 80s all over again. And while I’d love to see Carlito and/or MVP back, I wouldn’t want it to strictly be mid-card. Both of those guys had main event level talent, in the ring, on the mic, charisma, you name it. Both could have been top heels, for sure. I just wouldn’t want to see them come back just for WWE to waste them.

  • Nick

    Fuck i would love to see alot of those guys back. I feel like if we got shelton and haas back and carlito and lashley Morrison definitely, and Batista maybe. That would be great for the roster depth.

  • Men on a Mission

    I would like to see Carlito, Shelton, and Morrison.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    I hope Fat Hardy doesnt return, please god dont let him return, or meth hardy. I hope Armandooooooo Alejandroooooo Essstraaaadaaaa returns, guy was gold on the mic.

  • rob

    John Morrison, Kurt Angle, Shelton B, maybe Haas (i like him to much to see him brought back to another embarressing run)

    Here are two that nobody have mentioned
    Johnny Stamboli & Chuck/Nunzio. the good ol FBI that could bring back the tag division

    I think WWE would be wise to attempt at investing in TNA stars such as Bobby Roode & Magnus

    lastly, someone who wasnt fired but may as well be Alex Riley! dude is meant to rise to the top

  • Prince

    And of course Caribbean Cool, Carlito!

  • Prince

    I want Benjamin and Haas for sure. And also MVP and Morrison. Billy Gunn would be cool though. Could really care less about the Hardys. They are unreliable.

  • Butters

    I miss Charlie Hass’ “man of many gimmicks” gimmick, that was my favourite

  • Tony A

    Hopefully some of them can be a surprise in the Rumble

  • Thomas

    Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, MVP, Carlito, Bobby Lashely, John Morrison, and maybe Batista. I’d like to see them back.

  • hf part two

    Badd One Billy Gunn,

    I’m a nice man, yeah I’m a nice man <– his PG era name and theme song lyrics


    Anyhoo, I hope they bring back:

    Badd One Billy Gunn
    World's Greatest Tag Team
    Kurt Angle
    Armando Alejandro Estrada
    The Sandman

    I hope they NEVER bring back
    Jeff Hardy
    Fatt Lary (will not diet)
    Braden Walker
    David Flair

  • Zedd

    MVP is unlikely since hes with New Japan at the moment and if they get anyone from NJPW it should be Karl Anderson so they can reform Bad Intentions, That way it gives Tensai something to do and adds in a great tag team to help the division.

  • I’ll take some obvious ones one by one but remember this post is saying mid card talent to elevate the overall roster

    John Morrison- My understanding is he has an open door offer from WWE to comeback whenever he’s ready however WWE has no interest in Melina…..same story with TNA however the latter I’ve heard he’d only consider if she’s a part of the deal. He was a finger tip away from breaking through to the main event when he left, so it’s no brainer WWE should bring him back if at all possible.

    Shelton Benjamin- Somehow I doubt they’d bring back Haas with him, although it’s certainly not a bad idea for the Tag Division. Releasing Benjamin was an absolute boneheaded move. Even if they didn’t see him as a big money main eventer the man is fantastic in the ring and while his mic skills may be average he still oozes charisma in the ring…..just watch his match with Triple H and the way he worked the crowd.

    Goldust- While he certainly won’t make WWE any money or bring them to the next level he’s the perfect example of what this post claims WWE is looking for……Dustin is underrated quite a bit in the ring and if you remember even helped a newly debuted Sheamus look like gold in their matches early in Sheamus’s WWE career.

    Billy Gunn- I heard he buried the hatchet with Triple H who he spoke out against quite harshly while in TNA and The indies. Supposedly during The Raw DX reunion officials were very impressed with Gunn and may want to do business in the future. Downside is Gunn is closer to 50 than he is 40 at this point, but he hadn’t really lost step in TNA or the indies from what I hear. Road Dogg’s single’s career is over at this point IMO but I wouldn’t rule out a brief reunion if he takes a break from his agent duties.

    MVP- The problem I have with MVP is it seems other IMO more talented superstars occupy the spot he left. Also I never found him to be a great worker but he had the charisma and mic skills to make a name for himself irregardless. MVP is now in his forties and while I don’t think that’s always a big issue I feel his chances at breaking through to the main event are over and WWE is better suited calling up more up and comers in this particular case rather than filling a spot with him.

    X-Pac- Has a disease that makes him a risk factor…..WWE won’t touch him plain and simple…..if he didn’t I really believe Triple H would have given him another run, but it’s a mute point.

    Batista and Jeff Hardy would be main eventers if they did return, so it’s not applicable to this discussion. I will say with Ryback getting pushed it’s not the best of times for a Batista return. Jeff I would use as an upper mid carder should they decide to risk it. Matt…..again separate post but there are obvious risks that may or may not be worth it.

  • wrestling 1992

    Shelton Benjamin – technically gifted, great high flyer, positive attitude towards the business and in my opinion definitely better than kofi kingston.

    Ric Flair – even though his past his time, coming back as a gm would be great or having him as a heel and managing dolph ziggler would be great. Doing this would elevate zigglers career.

    MVP – his whole gimmick was great, great wrestler as well seeing him and feuds would be great.

    kenny – i think having him come back and feud with john cena would be great. great talent under-rated by far having him there could be great for the company.

    thats my opinion anyway

  • ShutYoMouth


  • mtlhitman

    Jeff hardy,matt hardy,john morrisson will be back

  • Sam Peters

    John Morrison, Carlito, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hass, Chuck Palumbo, MVP, Eugene and Batista to return

  • Juice

    Shelton Benjamin(maybe)–(should)
    John Morrison(definitely will)
    Chavo Guerrero(maybe)
    Carlito(wont happen)
    Charlie Haas(Probably wont happen either)

  • Break it down

    I’m a nice man.. YEAH IM AN ASS MAN

  • Bentley

    Candice Michelle!

  • donkster

    Bad ass Billy Gunn!

  • V-R-A

    I hope Carlito returns as well.

  • So everyone else agrees that it should be Shelton, Mvp, and John Morrison? The reason why I said Shelton and not Charlie is because I think he deserves a single push.

  • scooter

    Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin deserve another shot seeing as they’ve got a lot more charismatic, Hass especially has found something he never had before.

  • Moseley

    Is this is true, you’d assume that MVP and John Morrison would be likely to return. Jeff Hardy is a possibility, as long as he can keep his shit together. An outside bet could be Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, especially with the revived Tag Division. Batista, dead cert.