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WWE Stars Using Stratusphere Yoga, WWE ’12, New Austin Phone Ad

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is featured in a new web ad for Kyocera’s Dura Series. Below is “Man vs. Phone — Episode 1.”

– Representatives from WWE Games say that they will be releasing no more DLC for WWE ’12.

– As noted before, Trish Stratus will be partnering with Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga soon for some kind of project. Trish revealed in her interview with The Score’s Arda Ocal that several wrestlers including Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton have been using her Stratusphere Yoga to deal with injuries.

  • B

    How does it make them crooks? They had a definitive DLC plan, so that they COULD charge people for the season pass. They’ve released all the content they promised to release, and the season pass is cheaper than buying it individually as it was supposed to be. I can’t see where you’ve been cheated out of any money here.

    If you’re talking about the state of the game – DLC and patches are not the same thing.

  • D2K

    @ Kennedyniles: That makes it even worse because they didn’t have problem charging people for the season pass “months ago” knowing full well the decision had been made to no longer have DLC “months ago” so that means WWE games have been crooks “MONTHS AGO.”

    For the record, I love Aki/Asmik wrestling games and I play them whenever I get a chance to.

  • Albert

    to be honest i baught the game the first day and still havnt started the RTWM .. i just play matches, one day i will start it but i everything is already unlocked

  • kennedyniles

    THQ announced that there was no more DLC months ago.

    For the record, I love WWE ’12 and still play it all the time.

  • D2K

    WWE Games needs to release a REFUND for that craptacular game. Really? No more DLC after all the garbage we have had to put up with since it’s release? Wasting money on the ‘online pass?’

    All they did was insure that I will NEVER buy anything from WWE Games again.