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WWE Superstar Ends 2011 With 18-Match Losing Streak

– WWE Superstar Heath Slater has not won a match on WWE programming since the July 28th Superstars when he beat Trent Baretta.

Slater, who was suspended for failing a Wellness test back in October, lost to Sheamus on this week’s SmackDown and finished 2011 with an 18-match losing streak for WWE TV and pay-per-view events.

The suspension and losing streak weren’t Slater’s only troubles in 2011. Back in late June, Atlanta security guard Corinne Oliver filed a police report against him claiming that he assaulted her in a hotel during WrestleMania 27 weekend. The news broke in early August that police were investigating Slater for the allegations but no charges were ever filed and we haven’t heard anything since.

  • Slater will be the next to leave

  • Major Kee

    I read over this site a few times a month.

    Felt the need to respond. “Jason”, who has actually given you “heat”?

    No one has responded to your comment… Not one person. So what are you on about?

  • Sexton Hardcastle


  • sandman

    TNA is not the great of a promotion I think ROH should get TNA’S TV time

  • John

    No Jason its not everyone else being WWE marks its you being a TNA mark going on every post and saying this person should come to TNA that person should come to TNA etc.

    There’s good reasons why a lot of people got to TNA and it’s probably due to the fact that they don’t want to have to wrestle for peanuts and in front of around 25 people when they can stay in WWE and actually make decent money. Also if your one of the lucky few who actually wins a WWE or World championship you will probably be remembered in years to come. If your one of those people TNA decide to throw their title at this week, in years to come nobody will really give a shit.

  • Tyler(:

    The first guy, McIntyre hasn’t been on a losing streak? he beat Gabriel a few weeks back.

    and Jason. WWE Marks will mark. TNA Marks will mark. shut up about it.

  • chronoxiong

    Slater’s gonna slate.

  • Jason

    The amount of wwe marks on this site is retarded imo. Nothing I said was wrong but yet I get heat for saying it. Funny

  • Captain

    This guy has no talent at all. Time for him to go.

  • Whooper

    Heath Slater is actually good at taking a beating and selling moves

  • here’s an idea wwe team drew and slater up and lets just see what happ

  • Chris E.

    Heath Slater did get a decent match with Sheamus and wasn’t buried, so that is a silver lining. He also had some lines in a segment in front of the live crowd that was televised. I see a lot of potential for him to be a huge star as long as he stays out of trouble.

  • Jason

    Drew McIntyre needs to go to TNA where he will be used right. WWE knows fuck all about great talent anymore.

    Man can you picture a Drew McIntyre vs. James Storm or Bobby Roode feud? That is gold in the making

  • Justin Sane

    Top of the list for the traditional post mania future endeavors

  • J.Geaves

    best of luck in your future endeavours

  • Matthew

    Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre have both been on a losing streak. Watch them end up facing each other before too long, and the loser gets fired.