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WWE Superstars & Divas Play All Stars at RAW, Share Their Comments

– THQ has WWE All Stars set up backstage at tonight’s RAW in Chicago and several of the Superstars and Divas have been trying it out. By the sound of things WWE has had them all take to Twitter to promote the game also. Here’s some of their comments on the game, which comes out tomorrow:

Alicia Fox: “Hey I’m playing as Mr. Perfect on the new WWE All Stars game… Weeeeeee!!!! Everyone should grab a copy tomorrow!!!!!!!”

Natalya: “Tyson Kidd and I just played WWE Allstars game at the arena here in Chicago. Mr Perfect vs CM Punk and Bret Hart vs Edge!”

Justin Gabriel: “Just played as Ultimate Warrior vs Kane on WWE #AllStars game. Kick a$$! Great stuff! Comes out tomorrow.”

Dolph Ziggler: “In Chicago, playing #allstars (debuts Tuesday March 29) Tried to play with myself, but instead chose Mr. Perfect ;)”

Daniel Bryan: “Holy Cow! Just played WWE #AllStars as Jake the Snake. I don’t play video games but this thing is sweet! Out tomorrow!”

Kofi Kingston: “The time is upon us! #Allstars comes out in less than 24 hrs! Kofi Kingston just beat the Mach Man! Don’t miss out! Pick up a copy tomorrow!”

Beth Phoenix: “Ooohhh yeeeaaa!!!! Just kicked butt as Randy Savage! Snap into WWE #AllStars tomorrow available in stores everywhere!”

Wade Barrett: “Just played as The Rock vs John Cena on the WWE #AllStars game. I beat Cena in 73 seconds. Great game! It comes out tomorrow.”

Zack Ryder: “Hey Zack Pack…just played WWE All Stars…it’s Zacktastic…comes out tomorrow…go buy it! Woo Woo Woo!”