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WWE Surveying Fans On DVDs On Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Paul Heyman, WCW

Could DVDs highlighting Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, The Attitude Era and World Championship Wrestling be on the horizon? WWE issued a survey to its “Fan Council” today gauging interest on the following 16 potential future releases for 2014:

* Bruno Sammartino Biography: Biography plus matches on the Living Legend (includes new Hall of Fame footage)

* Nexus – Where are they now?: (Highlights of Nexus and the subsequent careers of its members (Daniel Bryan, Ryback, Wade Barrett, etc)

* John Cena matches: John Cena’s greatest rivalries (Batista, Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Orton, HHH, CM Punk, etc)

* WWE Around the World: Never before released matches and moments from international matches

* Attitude Era volume 2: Matches and moments

* WrestleMania Main Events: Some of the top matches from WrestleMania

* Ultimate Warrior matches: Best matches and moments featuring Ultimate Warrior

* Top Giants in wrestling history: 20 profiles on WWE’s Best Giants (Andre the Giant, Big John Studd, Kamala, King Kong Bundy, Big Show, Mark Henry, Gorilla Monsoon, etc)

* Best of PPV’s: Match compilation from the best PPV matches this year

* Sting matches: Best matches and moments featuring Sting

* Best of RAW: Not on RAW: Never before released moments after RAW has gone off the air and the cameras keep rolling. Stone Cold singing to fans, Vince doing Spinarooni, Dark matches Cena vs. Edge, etc

* OMG! Part 2 (WCW History): As a follow up to the best 50 moments in WWE, OMG! Part 2 chronicles the top 50 moments from WCW history.

* Paul Heyman: Complete biography of one the most controversial figures in wrestling. Hear from critics and supporters of Paul Heyman and their thoughts on his incredible rise through wrestling — from a teenager taking photos to running his own wrestling company.

* Best of WCCW: Matches and moments from WCCW, hosted by Michael Hayes

* Wrestling factions: Profile the best groups of WWE

* Best of Great American Bash: Best moments from this WCW PPV from 1985-2000


    Well I think the nexus DVD is more or so for ryback than anyone else he’s the most successful out the group him and axel. But johns been around so its good timing for that DVD. I didn’t see this at first the best of the great American bash that’s gonna be awesome but yet here again a lot of sting so maybe that’s a sign

  • Loose Cannon

    Anything that doesn’t have to do with John Cena, attitude era vol 2 would be cool, did I forget to mention Ravishing Rick Rude biography & matches, make it happen thank you!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree. But most of those are great ideas. I do however think it’s to soon for a where are they now nexus and that john Cena DVD.

  • chronoxiong

    Hell no to a Sting DVD when he’s still busy doing things for TNA.


    Dnt think they should do a sting dvd until hes done with tna