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New WWE Tag Team Champions Crowned At Live Event

New WWE tag team champions were crowned at Sunday night’s live event from Oakland, California.

Primo and Epico defeated Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston at the show to win the titles.

Primo and Epico’s manager Rosa Mendes tweeted the following after the match:

“Guess who the new tag team Champions are!!??WE ARE!!! WE BEAT AIRBOOM in Oakland!! I will remember this day forever!”

  • WeAreOne

    Anybody else realize that Kofi always loses his tag titles at live events.

  • LSC

    Wow, you lose titles at a house show means Johnny Ace will wish you the best on your future endeavors!

  • donners


    The episodes of raw outside the USA are never live, because they’d have to be done at 2am UK time, 3am in Italy for it to be in it’s normal time slot in the states.

    William Regal won the Intercontinental title from Santino a on raw from England a few years back, but for the most part changes on house shows are rare.

    Someone’s already said it, but the only reason titles change hands at house shows is because the champion is leaving or injured. Title changes usually mean good tv savings, they try not to do them off-air if possible.

    That said, don’t be surprised to see Air Boom win them back on raw or smackdown this week…..

  • john

    @CC. That was a live episode of Raw. I remember it pretty well. He beat Umaga after Lashley attacked him.

  • 3117

    last house show title change was when miz and morrison won the tag team titles

  • CC

    Normally when a title changes hands at a house show its for one of two reasons. Its a local boys show but the title will change hands back to the original holders before the next tv taping. Or, the title holder is injured.

    Last significant title change at a house show I can think of was Santino and the IC title. But that was all part of his Milan miracle gimmick when he first came in.

  • Lin

    When was the last time a title, any title for that matter, changed hands at a house show? Think of the possibilities! This could actually start a real feud between AirBoom and Epico and Primo. Or another team could drop their name into the mix, like the Usos.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Why did WWE stop the stable of Hunico, Primo, and Epico?

  • Albert

    Rosa looked like she just won a million dollers when they won the tag titles lol. Poor thing will never hold the divas championship, dont want to jinx it or anything so for the divas divisions sake i hope she doesn’t lol

  • Soulshroude

    … … … Boring!

  • Second City Saints

    Epico and Primo vs The Usos be a sick match

  • hjkhjk

    lol the Tag titles are so insignificant they can change hands at a house show now!

  • Devil_Rising

    Now if only WWE would actually invest in two or three more actual tag teams, we might have something going here.

  • venom


    That might happen. I remember I saw a house show in 99 and D’Lo Brown beat Jeff Jarret for the IC title. Then they had JJ still as champion the next raw, and D’Lo won on that raw.

  • Austin

    Quoting Randy Orton, “STUPID!STUPID!STUPID!”.

  • Jason

    Lets hope WWE doesn’t pull a Demolition/Brain Busters deal from years ago when as Arn & Tully were leaving they’d drop the titles to Demolition every night until the TV taping was shown.

  • Tony

    Only titles that are worthless change hands at live events

  • Josh

    Bourne would look pretty sweet in x division

  • John

    I was thinking the same thing @Tim. It looks like Bourne apologizing to HHH in person made things worse for him. They might have taken it as a sign of weakness. WWE’s never been behind Bourne. Most likely due to his small size, girlish voice, and total lack of charisma. Im honestly suprised he’s lasted this long.

  • MJ

    hell that just makes me want to go to a live show. Title changes can happen. Its either that or they wanted the titles off evan bourne quickly! Let’s face it Air Boom aren’t that popular as soon as evan got suspended. It was bound to happen why not let it be a house show.

  • tim

    Evan Bourne we wish you well in your future endeavors haha

  • venom

    It’s good to have a title change at a live event because it’s unexpected.

  • Prince

    Really random to book them to win it at a live event. Why not just wait until Smackdown?

  • Chris


    No dude, I’ve been to televised events and was in Edmonton when AirBoom won them. Can you imagine how unexpected it would be being in a live audience knowing that they won’t win it and then seeing them win it?

  • Bawb

    Were they not good enough to win it on TV?

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    yeah, now hopefully we will see them at least defended once a month and tag teams get some exposure. This is the best thing to happen to the tag division in a long time…..since the miz and morrison were tag champs actually. Now all they have to do is bring back the classic tag title belts and do away with those oversized pennies!!!!!