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WWE Teasing Harold In-Ring, WWE Interested In Lingerie Football Star

– The WWE NXT website has added a profile for Summer Rae and in that profile they acknowledge her past career with the Lingerie Football League. On a related note, WWE apparently has interest in another LFL star – Zipporah Chase.

– We noted before that “Harold” in last week’s RAW anger management skits with Kane and Daniel Bryan was independent wrestler Scorpio Sky, who recently appeared for TNA as Mason Andrews.

Sources report that WWE officials were impressed with Sky’s work in those skits and it’s interesting to note that they mention the character by name in the preview for tonight’s RAW. WWE is teasing that “Harold” may appear in the ring and catch a chokeslam from Kane or a No Lock from Bryan.

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  • False Idol

    it makes sense if Kane chokeslams him because of what happened last week but actually if it was a chokeslam and then a no lock then that would just be great!

  • Shawn

    Harold = RATINGS!

    Harold will hold a title in WWE before the end of next year. Mark my word.

  • Sam Peters

    or maybe Harold will get a Chokeslam and then a No-Lock