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WWE Teasing Shaquille O’Neal Could Wrestle Big Show

Following NBA star Shaquille O’Neal announcing his retirement earlier this week, WWE is teasing that Shaq could be returning to the company to rekindle his feud with the Big Show. Shaq was the celebrity guest host of an episode of RAW back in July 2009 and had a memorable confrontation with Show.

The following was posted on the WWE website on Friday:

“WWE Universe member Shaquille O’Neal has had the world abuzz since announcing his retirement from the NBA. After his tussle with Big Show as Raw guest star, WWE fans might wonder if the 15-time All-Star will now look to settle his one-night rivalry.”

Earlier this week, Dragon Gate USA booker Gabe Sapolsky wrote a blog in which he suggested that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reach out to Shaq. Sabpolsky wrote:

“It’s no secret that wrestling .. errrr … sports entertainment needs something to shake it up,” Sapolsky wrote. “WWE gained a great boost recently with the return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now they need that one hook for the mainstream public like Mike Tyson was in 1996.

“‘The Answer’ just quit his job and became a free agent. His name is Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq is on the market. It’s well documented he loves wrestling. He understands how to entertain and perform. He has size and athletic ability. The best part is he could now make a long term commitment and he’s looking for something new to do.”

  • Teran

    Man you already humiliated Big Show and destroyed his credibility with that fucking Mayweather feud.

    Shaq’s a beast but seriously enough with damaging the credibility of your own wrestlers with these shitbird celebrities. Mayweather well at least he was a boxer, Shaq is big and yeah great athlete but…

    David Arquette for 2nd world title reign imo

  • Gary

    but shaq said MUTLIPLE times that he would love to be a police officer…but i kno that would be a fail also

  • erik

    big show vs shaq- 9.5 earthquake

  • venom

    It would be cool for Shaq to wrestle,

  • misfit del rio

    Twerks, you obviously didn’t see maywether vs big show at wrestemania, that was actually enterraining.

  • Titan

    Shaq vs taker wrestlemania 28

  • Considering these useless celebrities that Vince inserts into WWE programing, like Snooki, Floyd Mayweather, Donald Trump, etc….Shaq would make sense. Hopefully they have the money to do it or Shaq will negotiate a decent price. Wait….This angle would involve BIg show? Never mind. I don’t want to see that. Someone call Amtrak cuz there is gonna be a trainwreck.

  • Dave

    Let’s see whose knees will blow out first.