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WWE Turns Off-Screen Relationship Into a Storyline (Minor Divas Spoiler)

– World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is reportedly dating WWE Diva Brie Bella. New photos that have surfaced online this week confirm the rumors.

What makes this interesting is that WWE has began a feud between Bryan’s on-screen girlfriend AJ Lee and The Bella Twins. Last Friday’s SmackDown saw AJ defeat Nikki Bella after Daniel Bryan stopped Brie from making the twin switch. WWE’s website speculated that Bryan stopped the switch maybe because he was still emotionally scarred by breaking up with the Bellas. If you remember, Bryan dated the Bella Twins in the storylines last year.

The feud continued at last night’s SmackDown tapings as AJ defeated Brie with help from Bryan.

  • StocktonJoe

    Which was immediately followed by a John Cena/HHH/Big Show “anti-bullying” spot. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kamala’s foot

    yeah whooo I’m typing stuff for you to read thumbs down me cause a internet bad boy! Gimme a crown because I’m the king troll. Don’t talk bad about me or I’ll spend all day thinking of something quick witted to put you down. Time for me to sign on facebook and make girls cry.

  • Diesel

    Another “groundbreaking idea” by the WWE creative team….


  • BlaH


    Lilian Garcia messed up Zack Ryder’s entrance last night at the Smackdown tapings in Newark, NJ. She announced Zack Ryder as “Long Island Iced Z” Jack Swagger.

    This led to John Cena bringing out ring announcer Tony Chimel, who Garcia replaced, and Zack Ryder for the dark main event cage match. Cena said he was bringing someone who is a professional. Chimel began to introduce Ryder but they ribbed Chimel by cutting his mic out. Finally, Cena did the correct introduction for Ryder. The whole bit was reportedly done to embarrass Lilian Garcia.

  • StocktonJoe

    Last Friday nite, AJ did the impossible. She made Nikki Bella look good in the ring. Well, good by comparison.

  • Devil_Rising

    Hmmm……….Danielson top heel, yet helps storyline GF get wins over heel “Divas”? And people say WWE’s booking is screwy.

  • Raziel

    They’ve never done anything like this before.

  • LSC

    Lol, wasn’t D Bry in a similar storyline a year ago?

  • Bill

    Really? To think it started as a storyline…

  • Jason

    Gail Kim is too good for WWE

  • 1919dpg

    bryan will get massive heat if he kicks aj in the face and walks off with brie after a match. it would be perfect leading into wrestlemania.

  • Effmenow

    Is that the hot twin? The one with the tatoos on her pelvis?

  • Shawn

    Maybe WWE will also try to bring back Gail Kim. /end_sarcasm

  • Hasan

    YES! YES! YES! I was just waiting for a triangle in Bryan – AJ story.