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Former WWE Women’s Champion Calls Out AJ Lee; Unfavorable Reaction To Lee’s Tattoo

Madusa, formerly known as Alundra Blayze, is none too pleased with reigning WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee recently appearing in possession of the WWE Women’s Championship—the 50-year-old considers herself the rightful owner of the strap since she never lost it in a match.

Last week, WWE’s resident “Geek Goddess” tweeted this photo of herself holding the retired belt (for a photo shoot she and other wrestlers took part in). Upon seeing the picture, Madusa called out Lee on Facebook.

She wrote, “Apparently someone has delusions of grandeur……..

“AJ Never was, Never will be the WWE womens champion as long as I OFFICIALLY hold the title. Bitch never beat me, Bitch never will. However she does give good mike skill so lets see what she has to say now….

“#WWE #madusa #monstertrucks #divas #champion #teammadusa ##kissmyass.”

Madusa is not the only person with a less than favorable opinion of the WWE Divas Champion. Earlier this month, Lee tweeted an image of a tattoo she got on the back of her neck to commemorate the date she won the belt (June 16, 2013). According to this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lee’s tribute drew a negative reaction from some of her co-workers as they consider it an “eye roller”—wrestlers displaying fan-like behavior is generally frowned upon by those affiliated within the industry. Plus, WWE commentators Jerry “The King” Lawler and John “Bradshaw” Layfield poked fun at her ink during last Monday’s live Raw broadcast by saying if she lost the belt, she would get a tattoo commemorating the date.

During a recent interview with, the New Jersey native explained the meaning behind her unique mark.

“When I was really young, my entire family was covered in tattoos, so it was okay to get one. But I knew, when I did get one, that I wanted it to be something important and special. So, at a very young age, I decided that I would get it when I won the title,” said Lee.

“I’m not a girly girl. And I didn’t want fancy script or a butterfly or anything like that on me. I wanted something surreal; something that showed time served. That’s why it’s in the style that it’s in. [The Divas Championship is] something that I worked for and spent a great deal of my time trying to get. It’s 14 years in the making. So, it’s supposed to be really cold. Just a mark of an accomplishment and now I move on.”

  • big dan

    did stud dog pass away fuck, i’m a mate of the voice of reason and I knew how high he held old stud dog.stud dog wanothing but a decent man.

  • Jay Ess

    She was probably pressure by Bischoff to do it, but countless wrestlers have stuck by their principles/values and not did something that conflicted with their beliefs.

  • Jay Ess

    Your last sentence made me laughing, but only because it’s true. Good points on everything you said.

  • Jay Ess

    Am I the only one who realizes how Madusa is setting women back in this male dominated industry with that “mic” comment? (She didn’t even spell “mic” right.)

    With enough people always trying to undermine women who get ahead in this industry, why add fuel to that fire by being a woman who’s had success and saying something like this? #bitter #toomanyuselessfbookhashtags #nonstory

  • jgdjgdklj

    yeah, marking out for yourself. Pretty lame.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Sounds like a work to me…

  • Bawbb

    These former wrestlers/personalities…many of them seem to slam who was a better champion, etc. FFS, it’s FAKE. Slam the performance, the acting, w/e. It’s a deadend otherwise. AJ has a job, you don’t. Upperhand is hers.

  • kelly mercado

    Medusa was the women’s champhion and yes she never lost the title and how eaver she also took the titel to wcw and and through the woman’s championship in the trash can so I think that make her no longer champion anyways if she f hinks she a better champion rhen aj then she needs to get her 50 year old ass in the ring and challenges aj I think aj lee would kick her ass aj a way better champion then her

  • Scooter

    I agree completely, I was just making a point that there has to be a level of professionalism, a tattoo certainly does not cross that line.

  • what?

    Not taking anything away from aj she pretty good but.come on Foolish people this is a work .and to the ones saying who medusa really that is so played out .the wwe needs to drop this whole divas crap get rid of that crappy looking divas championship belt go back to women wrestling get some real women wrestlers not models I myself wouldn’t rather see some 300 pound Women wrestlers that has some skill than some 100 pound model with no skills .with all the women on the wwe roster there maybe 4 worth anything the rest are nothing but eye candy

  • JAckh45

    Again I couldnt agree more with you CC

  • CC

    But she still did it, and is now trashing someone else for now reason.
    Defend her all you will, but just because she said Bischoff MADE her do it, doesnt make it true and does not justify her doing it.

  • CC

    Instead of rolling eyes that someone actually loves the business, maybe they should be rolling eyes at those that bitch about the industry yet continue to work in it.
    Maybe if more people continued to show how much they are still fans, the whole industry wouldnt be surrounded by so much negativity and back stabbing.
    Plus, a tattoo should be something that MEANS something to you. And if being womens champ is something that means something to AJ, then more power to her.
    Personally I didnt like the tatt, but its not about me or the locker room, its about AJ.
    And anyway, Lawler is probably still smarting from when AJ put him down on commentary a few weeks ago telling him she was too old for him.

  • CC

    But WWE can strip someone of a title, so the point is moot. The minute she left, WWE essentially stripped her of it.
    Apart from the fact its all storyline, and god knows how many women have held that title since she left, she is talking out of her arse just to remain relevant.

  • Guest

    Why is Medusa to eager to defend a title she trashed? (literally) Move on already.

  • That’s funny, they remember her right now, on their website. Get a clue. That “stunt” also wasn’t her idea. She did it because Eric Bischoff told her to do it, because it would be controversial. Read up on your history before trashing someone.

  • No offense, but might I suggest you get a life? Alundra Blayze/Madusa is/was one of THE best women’s wrestlers this industry has ever seen. Certainly better than AJ, even though AJ does deserve some props for being an actual wrestler and not just a model who learned a few sloppy moves. Was Alundra off base by saying “Bitch never beat me”? Sure, you can argue that. But your tirade shows a complete lack of knowledge/respect for one of the industry’s best ever performers. It also shows that you take this shit way too seriously.

  • Guest

    Technically Madusa is correct, She never lost the title.
    On a side note IWould like to tell everyone.
    “All Gave Some, StudDog Gave All” SEMPER FI!! and R.I.P Brother. The toughest SOB I ever knew.

  • Will Henderson

    Madusa, you ma’am are a egotistical has been cunt who is too old for this business. you don’t trash AJ Lee for being too damn proud of making her dream become a reality. AJ has worked hard for to be Divas Champion and to make her dreams come true. and you are being a whiny old bitch who is just jealous you couldn’t cut it in today’s WWE and is too old for the sport. and you have no right to claim to still be “women’s champion” when you were stripped of the title after you quit the WWE and threw the belt in the trash in WCW. you kinda were part of the reason WWE and Shawn Michaels and everyone involved in (the Montreal Screwjob) had to legit screw Bret Hart out of the WWE Championship because Vince didn’t want to see a repeat of what you did. i maybe a AJ Lee mark, i admit that, but if it was another diva who did the same things AJ did and was as passionate about “The Business” like she was, i would defend that diva if she was bashed by you. and you will never be brought back in the WWE because you are unprofessional, disrespected your championship, disrespected the current talent just to get attention. if i was a wrestler in the WWE, i would tattoo the date of the day i broke through the glass ceiling and won a major championship for the first time just to remind myself where i came from,

    and to the men and women in the WWE who “rolled their eyes” at AJ showing her appreciation for the business by tattooing the date she broke through the Divas championship Glass Ceiling. i say fuck you all, she got the tat to express her love, commitment, passion and sacrifice that lead to her being Divas champion.

    so fuck you Madusa and fuck you to everybody who criticized AJ Lee for getting a damn tat of the date of her Divas Championship win on her neck, at least the tat has meaning unlike some douchebags who get meanless tats on their bodies.

  • Scooter

    Speaking as a trainee I understand the eyerolling to an extent when someone looks unprofessional. but if she’s not marking out all over the place when she meets someone backstage it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • xXx

    who’s madusa?

  • Irishrhyno

    Because being a fan of wrestling is such a crime and the tattoo is in a place where it wont normally be seen.
    She got a tattoo because she achieved what she had been trying to do for years,I know people that have got ugly and meaningless tattos for no reson,so I cant see how what she did is in anyway wrong.
    I wouldnt mind if the Raw commentary team got a change,JBL is the most likeable one..

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I personally think it’s cool she got that as a tattoo. I would have done the same thing, it’s a remembrance of something she has been waiting her whole life for.

  • grasshopper

    The old lady is just bitter. WWE will never ever remember her again after the stunt she did back in WCW.

  • JohnCena33

    Also, what is the big deal about AJ Lees tat. She likes it, thats what matters.

    Lees tribute drew a negative reaction from some of her co-workers as they consider it an “eye roller”—wrestlers displaying fan-like behavior is generally frowned upon by those affiliated within the industry

    Why is it frowned upon. Do wrestlers think they are better than the fans?

  • JohnCena33

    WTF is Madusa’s prolem?