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Former WWE Wrestler Says Today’s Divas Are “Nothing Special”

Rory McAllister, who appeared for WWE from 2006 to 2008 as a member of The Highlanders, feels today’s crop of Divas don’t compare to the extraordinary bombshells of days gone by. Though attractive in their own right, he categorizes today’s female talent as ‘girls,’ rather than ‘Divas,’ and lacking special, indefinable attributes.

“WWE has some pretty girls working there but what happened to having Divas!? Trish, Candace, Torrie. WOMEN of hotness!” McAllister voiced on Twitter Thursday.

He then makes a daring comparison.

“I can see pretty much most of today’s chicks at any bar on a Friday night. #nothingspecial.”

A follower of McAllister’s stated, “WWE doesn’t believe in having divas who can wrestle, they’d rather just give them 3 minutes and and tell them to bounce around.” The wrestler responded, “Agreed, but they’re not even hot enough to hold my interest.”

He continues, “Like I said I see them in any bar. But! If Trish walked into a bar, EVERYONE would be like “who the fuck is that!” Same goes for Torrie Wilson, Candace, Lita etc. The new chicks have zero “IT” factor.”

McAllister also feels that WWE’s premiere starlet, Kelly Kelly, lacks je ne sais quoi.

“She’s a good lookin chick but no “holy shit” factor!” he wrote.

WWE brass may share similar sentiments; no Diva has solely graced the cover of their magazine since 2006.

  • Soulja17

    Rory is right, but he still needs to shut the hell up because I dont think anybody gives a shit about what he has to say!

  • Hunter

    Whilst Layla isn’t up there in terms of wrestling ability, no one can deny that she is amazingly hot.

  • shawn

    i just seen Beth Pheonix live tonight and she was playing up to the crowd most effectively. divas today need her kind of drive. a solid performer she is i would like to say right now.

  • xXx

    ..from someone who’s not any special either..

  • ant

    trish stratus was hot and could wrestle her ass off

  • Straight-edge

    as far as looking at them at how hot they are is only adding fuel to the fire they only use them as props let them use them as wrestlers and see what happens

  • Straight-edge

    wwe dont give them a chance to be anything special. i think there is great female wrestlers there. but, wwe needs to give them a chance to shine hell if they can sale a t-shirt there all over it. but when it comes to in ring they hold them back.

  • Aaron

    Did he tweet this from the Impact audience?

  • Tom… Just Tom

    There are some of the WWE divas who actually showed they can improve. Layla looks better in the ring than she did before she was injured. Even Eve had shown alot of improvement. Now divas like Kelly Kelly, Aksana and the Bellas do their best, but it just isn’t enough. The ones that CC mentioned did it the right way IMO.

  • CC

    Lita is not attractive, and was even less attractive after that nasty boob job she had. I’d take most of the current divas over her any day of the week when it comes to being attractive.
    Regardless of that, Rory contradicts himself, bemoaning that WWE only signs girls for their looks, yet all he talks about is how the previous divas looked, not how talented they were. Candice and Torrie were no more talented than most of the divas on the current roster, and certainly a lot less talented than some (AJ, Beth, Natty and Tamina spring to mind).

  • Maxwell

    than again, he wasnt anything special ethier.

  • Whooper

    I would have to agree