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Craig Tello, a writer for WWE.com, issued an apology Monday to Executive Vice President John Laurinaitis and WWE for using “disparaging terminology” in his article covering the events of last night’s WWE Championship Match at Money in the Bank.

Tello wrote: “As a senior WWE.com writer, I would like to publically apologize to Executive Vice President John Laurinaitis and WWE for my use of disparaging terminology in WWE.com’s article covering the events of last night’s Money in the Bank WWE Championship Match.

“The term I used was inappropriate for an executive at WWE, Inc. I greatly respect Mr. Laurinaitis and his efforts within the WWE organization.”

Tello referred to Laurinaitis as “McMahon”s 2011 stooge” in his article on the title match. The remark has since been whitewashed.

  • Paton

    This is just a way to get Johnny Ace over as an on screen heel, This has been put up on twitter so I would suggest it is just another spoke to this angle. Can’t wait for MNR

  • Devil_Rising

    Since when is “stooge” a bad word. Besides, even according to his own brother Road Warrior Animal…that’s precisely what Johnny Ace is.

  • Valo487

    I don’t see why he needs to apologize if it’s the truth.

  • JIR

    no it just sound like Laurinatis or lerengitis however its spelled is butt hurt a writer

  • Stumpy

    Wow… if he is playing that in the storyline, what was the harm in using it. Unless this apology was part of the storyline and we are about to see the re-emergence of Mr. McMahon from the Attitude Era. Now that would be sweet and also explain the “apology” at the same time.

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