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WWE’s Official Update on Triple H After Brock Lesnar Attack on RAW Last Night

– WWE’s website has an article up looking at possible consequences for Brock Lesnar after he attacked Triple H on last night’s RAW Supershow from Dayton, Ohio. They point out that Lesnar was escorted from the building by security and may be suspended or fined for attacking the COO.

Here’s the official storyline injury update on Triple H:

“According to WWE doctor Dr. Chris Amann, Triple H’s arm was placed in a hold that created a tremendous amount of torque on his upper arm and elbow. “He has a non-displaced fracture of distal humorous,” said Amann. “Fortunately, this is not something that needs surgery with pins and screws. We’ll be treating him with a sling for comfort and following with him in the next few days.”

  • Reverse prince albert

    ……………………….. or*

  • Reverse prince albert

    BB watch any Brock vs. Angle matches in WWE is iwgp and say he needs to train.. This clown is a casual fan haha

  • cyndi

    a friend of mine told me the Kimura that HHH was put in was too weak they are some good actors lol

  • ant

    who would win in a 4 way submission match? punk,lesnar,bryan,or angle

  • Tony A

    HHH Vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam

  • bb

    Wellsy, thank you, yes my bad English…

  • Wellsy

    Anyone else understand anything that bb wrote?

    Has to be some of the worst English I have seen in my life.

  • Greg

    daniel puder (sp?) i think was his name JK

  • JK Thunder

    Anybody else remember that contestant from Tough Enough who actually locked Kurt Angle in a real Kimura?

  • Basically the same type of pressure is being distributed to the same areas of you shoulder. However the torque is reversed, that can cause different injuries and damage, both are regularly practiced by different forms of discipline and considered separate holds. Kimura the man who invented the hold (what Brock applied) is always known as that. The anaconda vice is more common and distinctively known as a Americana or Keylock, and is used more by wrestlers and catch-wrestlers.

    At face value they’re practically the same. When you learn holds though, they try to stress how separate they are, to better learn when to apply one.

  • bb

    Lesnar go training wrestling more better then return, no worry.

  • ant

    dosent the kimura lock do the same damage as the anaconda vice?

  • Well don’t, it’s just for the angle. A Kimura can do seriously damage in one swoop however. Mostly on the shoulder though, not the elbow. Examples in MMA (Which they’re most commonly displayed other then Jiu-Jitsu tournaments) would be: Frank Mir vs Antonio Nogueira II, Renzo Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba, or Aaron Strawmier vs Jonathan Riffles.

  • Albert

    I don’t believe this bullshit.