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More on WWE’s Plans for the Punk Storyline, Vince Not Taking Bumps, Hall’s Son

– Scott Hall’s 20 year old, 6-foot-9 son Cody is now training at the I Believe In Wrestling school in Orlando, Florida.

– Part of the reason John Laurinaitis was with Vince McMahon at Money in the Bank for the run-in is because Vince has been told by his doctors not to take any bumps.

– As noted before, some of the CM Punk and WWE storyline is expected to play out in other outlets beside WWE TV. Word is that the idea for now is to try a unique balancing act with Punk to be kept in the news with the WWE Title while WWE acts like he doesn’t exist. WWE has been calling in favors to try and get Punk booked on things like late night talk shows where they can continue the storyline.

WWE talents have been told not to mention Punk’s name in interviews for now, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. On Monday’s RAW, John Cena was scripted to slip-up and mention Punk’s name. Also before RAW hit the air, Justin Roberts announced that WWE management has banned the fans from chanting Punk’s name – which just led to them chanting it, as seen on TV.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • scsa852k

    This angle works out perfectly for everyone.

  • CC

    In essence Punk has supposedly been unhappy with how he has been handled in recent years, but this whole angle could end up making him the biggest name in WWE when or if he returns.

  • venom

    I am surprised how well this storyline is going. I am actually looking foward to watching Raw next week.

  • Center

    One of the better and cooler story lines the WWE has come up with in a VERY long time.

  • cm punk mark

    scott hall and kevin prob had sex lol if the kid turned out too be 7 foot tall ish lol

  • CiB

    To be fair, getting the fans to chant CM Punk by banning them from doing so is a great way of making sure his presence is felt on TV, even though he isn’t appearing and no major on camera types (wrestlers, commentators, etc) are mentioning him. Frankly, I thinks that actually a stroke of genius.

  • Woah

    @ RPM: Maybe his buddy Kevin is he real father lol…

  • RPM

    lol justin I was about to say the same thing, hall was never that big that is one mutant son.

  • Justin

    Scott Hall has a 6 foot 9 son? Did he and Nash have a child?

  • V-R-A

    I can see Punk coming back after the new WWE Champion is crowned and saying he’s the real WWE Champion, I think that would make to be a great story line.

  • K3V

    I believe his actual contract isn’t set to expire till Sept. Assuming he hasn’t already signed one.

    And like Callum said, obviously they told the crowd not to chant since they knew it would cause them to chant even more.

  • Bill

    I’d love to see CM Punk on Jimmy Fallon or Conan. By the way, is he technically still with the company or did his contract actually expire at MITB?

  • Callum

    reverse psychology
    you fucking genius

  • Callumq

    reverse psychology
    you fucking genius

  • Jason

    lol ban them from chanting something. what would they do throw out the whole crowd