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Former WWF Star Doug Furnas Reported To Have Passed Away

There are reports circulating online that former WWF star Doug Furnas passed away in his sleep Friday night. He was 50 years old.

The first report is from David Haskins, a Tennessee based wrestler. He said he received the information from Doug’s brother Mike Furnas, who was also a wrestler.

Furnas was a college football player at the University of Tennessee who became one of the greatest powerlifters of all-time as he broke more than two dozen world records. He crossed over to professional wrestling in 1986 with Knoxville, Tennessee based promotion Continental Championship Wrestling, which led him to a career all over the world. Furnas was a fixture in All Japan Pro Wrestling with Phil Lafon (a/k/a Dan Kroffat) and they were considered one of the best tag teams of the 1990s. Their supreme talent led to employment with the World Wrestling Federation and Extreme Championship Wrestling in the late 1990s. Furnas also worked for World Championship Wrestling in 1990 as a singles competitor.

Furnas had battled Parkinson’s disease for a number of years. The degenerative disorder forced him to retire in 2000.


  • voice of reason

    @ devil rising i get the same thing even when i make a positive comment there is always a thumbs down with my comment before 11 ups 4 downs must be stoners or 12 years olds doing it.

  • Devil_Rising

    Somebody seriously must just come in and “thumbs down” every single comment, I swear…lol

  • lol

    rip…i remeber your wwf run…was a pleasure to watch you

  • Devil_Rising


    Show a little class, dumbass.

    Furnas and Lafon didn’t make a huge splash on the majors scene (ECW, WWF), but they were a good tag team. RIP.

  • Matt

    Here’s an idea, confirm it before you post an article about it so you don’t look foolish if it’s false!

  • santino sicilian cool

    to all who have disliked the comments above, you all can go & fuck yourselves try losing anyone to parkinsons & you’ll know the pain of losing a loved one.

  • voice of reason

    any loss to parkinsons or alzheimers is terrible rest in peace doug 50 is such a young age to lose a loved one thank you so much for your work in professional wrestling it is much appreciated.

  • Fred

    Sad to hear about Furnas. He and Lafon were such an underrated tag team in the states.

  • Bill

    I honestly don’t remember Doug, but passing away in your sleep is just terrible…. & at only 50 yrs. old, what a shame.

  • cody10

    Who ever disliked ^^^ is a horrible person.

  • Mark