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Zack Ryder’s Show Yanked, The Rock Has A Message For CM Punk

– The Rock posted the following photo with caption on Twitter earlier today.

@WWE Champion @CMPunk I know where to find you Phillip. And I will.. #Rumble2013


– As reported earlier, Zack Ryder complained Thursday on Twitter that WWE rejected portions of this week’s episode of Z! True Long Island Story. Ryder then noted Friday that there will not be an episode.

“So @WWE rejected Episode 88 of Z! TLIS. Thus, tomorrow’s episode will suck,” Ryder tweeted Thursday. Ryder then tweeted Friday morning: “New Z! TLIS coming today. Can you say #ugh?” Ryder followed up Friday afternoon: “There will be no Z! True Long Island Story this week.”


    dont damm utter a word aganst rocky i will kill u

  • Eve’s left nipple

    @truthishere They need something to sell the Rumble to the people, My guess is Rocky wins and goes on to face Cena at Wrasslemania.

  • Bill

    Goes to show you how much WWE doesn’t care about Ryder when he blatantly bashes them over ZTLIS & him not getting a push all over the internet.

  • Sam Peters

    Would love to see Ryder turn heel…say Kofi beat Miz for IC title, Ryder comes out to celebrate Kofi’s title win and then attack him and claim that he is fed of being a joke and doing all theses shows to make him look cheesy, now its time for a change and then slowly says woo…woo…woo…You know it while standing over Kofi’s body holding up the IC title

  • Chuva

    Jeebiz Rock… put the needle down, you juice head. (vomits)

  • wcw


  • rabid

    I personally enjoy when the rock and other legends come back amd work with the younger guys… The rock is still young and has alot to give and is willing to give to the wrestling industry. He didnt sell out he went out on his own and became a movie star and now is wanting to comeback and help make wwe product better. That doesnt seem like a sellout to me. Is the undertaker a sellout for only working a few dates and he has a realestate business outside of wrestling. What abt HBK tv show endorsement deals only shows up a few time a year. And dont forget stone cold tv and fim star still comes back at helps make characters and stories pop… These guys arent sellouts so quit complaining abt the rock and not the others bc rocky let you down when he left and look at the facts the rock doesnt need the money he wants to get in there and compete and help wwe put out a better product… And b4 i start getting in there put some of the older guys(ie rock scsa hhh hbk taker kane hell even punk) with a paper bag and it would still be a whole hell of alot more entertaing than half of whats on

  • scooter

    For the people who say The Rock is a sell out. Does he really need to come back? Does he need the money? No he doesn’t I think Punks issue was more the way he carried himself backstage.

  • adam

    @sean it also confirms he will lose it to rock at the rumble then cena will win it at mania. Rock isnt a sell out he accomplished everything he wanted to in wwe and he did it pretty fast so he left to persue other things. Yes it would of been better if rock staid but he didnt have the passion for it anymore

  • Sean Combs

    i love how no one cares about the zack ryder news when it is paired with a CMPunk or Rock news.

    I guess his two minutes of fame are up?

  • TruthisHere

    Punk vs Rock should be a WrestleMania, not the Rumble. Have Rock beat Cena at the Rumble.

  • Sean

    I’m guessing that confirms punk will have the title till the rumble

  • rob

    “sell out” is what you were gong for buddy.
    your insults suck, so just stay away from talking in general

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    Oh wow, punk should be scared. Man Rock just stay away from wrestling man! Punk may not be the best, but at least he aint no sale out. Rocky Sux!

  • vks

    Ryders success is slowly fading….. damn WWE