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Alexa Bliss has posted a pool swimsuit photo with her friends, as seen below.



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WrestleMania 38 saw the in-ring return of ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin after 19 long years. He defeated Kevin Owens in a ‘No Holds Barred match. He later returned the night two of the show and ended up hitting a ‘Stunner’ on Austin Theory and his mentor, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who botched the move. Austin appeared again on night two of WrestleMania and delivered Stunners to Austin Theory, Pat McAfee and Vince McMahon. He did his signature beer smash celebration and chugged several cans of the New Broken Skull Lager.

Steve Austin opens up on drinking beer at the show

During the BrewBound Podcast, Steve Austin talked about being able to drink his own beer at WrestleMania 38. During the days contrast and during both nights, you could see The New Broken Skull Lager. As an experienced eventer, it felt satisfying to pass through the challenge:

“I have drank everybody’s beer in the past,” he said. “I’ve been drinking beer my whole life, and I don’t speak technical beer language. But, we have given all those other brands a little bit of a rub by using their beer. So, to go out there and drink our own beer was very satisfying.”

‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ then responded to Kevin Owens by saying that he was drinking beer because of the side effect of having cottonmouth due to a lack of saliva and tequila:

“Man, it was a bunch, and the thing about it was, I have been gone for so long, 19 years. You cannot replicate that type of setting in your home gym, I work out all the time here,” he said. “I was doing all kinds of cardio, circuits, stuff like that. But, I kept calling for those beers, not to gratuitously advertise them, but because I genuinely had cottonmouth.

“So, anytime I needed a breath of air, or just needed to wet my whistle, I’d call for my beer guy to throw me a beer. Of course, I’d toss it, and continue on with the spectacle that we were presenting. Luckily, anyone that watched that PPV, or everyone there in attendance knew we weren’t going to have a scientific back and forth match. It was going to be a brawling spectacle, and that’s exactly what it was.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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