Ben Affleck Health Bombshell Leaks After J-Lo…

Ben Affleck remains steadfast in his commitment to sobriety amidst challenges in his marriage to Jennifer Lopez, according to an exclusive source from In Touch.



The insider reveals that Ben has successfully maintained his sobriety, emphasizing the importance of avoiding alcohol due to his attendance at AA meetings. The launch of Jennifer’s alcohol brand, Delola, in April 2023, was perceived as insensitive in light of Ben’s journey toward recovery. To safeguard his progress, Ben chose to distance himself from situations involving alcohol, recognizing the potential risks to his well-being. Having undergone multiple rehab stints in the past, Ben is determined to prioritize his health and sobriety.

While Jennifer’s alcohol brand was a point of contention in their relationship, they also grappled with differing perspectives on fame and privacy. Jennifer embraces the limelight, whereas Ben is more reserved about sharing his personal life with the public.

Despite their efforts to reconcile after nearly two decades apart, the couple faced persistent challenges that ultimately led to Ben moving out of their shared home. Sources suggest that their differences were too significant to overcome, signaling a potential end to their marriage.

Ben’s focus has shifted to his work and children as he navigates the complexities of his relationship with Jennifer. Although they share a deep bond, the challenges they face may necessitate a difficult decision regarding their future together.

Recent observations of distance between Ben and Jennifer have fueled speculation about the state of their relationship. Ben’s absence from public events, such as the Met Gala, has raised questions, with sources indicating that Jennifer’s desire for a perfect public image may contribute to Ben feeling overwhelmed.

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