Drunk Trump Fan Swears During Rally Meltdown

RSBN’s Brian Glenn was stunned during a live street interview ahead of Saturday’s MAGA rally in New Jersey which took a turn into a curse fest via Mediaite.



It has been noted that ahead of former President Donald Trump event in Wildwood, New Jersey, the pro-Trump Right Side Broadcasting (RSBN) conducted live interviews with politicians, guests, and attendees both in line or simply assembled outside the venue, a regular feature of the outfit’s dedicated Trump coverage.

During the broadcast, a couple of young men came up and captured some camera time that quickly went south after Glenn asked about President Joe Biden. The pair approached, and the young man who spoke into the mic said “Trump, baby, 24!”

It has been noted that Glenn spoke with the two regarding Trump and everything was going as well as it could, with the Trump supporter saying that Trump is someone who is “just different” and “just special” whom everyone loves. That is until Glenn asked about Biden. Then things went … less well.

” Let me ask you a question. What is the one thing that the Biden administration has hurt you the most?” said Glenn. “Is it tuition. Or is it rent, is it gas, is it food?”

“He’s just a sleepy f*ck,” the Trump supporter suddenly blurted.

“Okay, well…” the noticeably uncomfortable Glenn said.

“As a 17 year old? I, like I can’t afford gas anymore. He’s a he’s a gyp. I mean, come on,” the youth said, slurring his speech somewhat.

Glenn tried to recover and get out of the situation, attempting to focus the kid on the price of gas, but again, the young Trump supported blurted profanity and a slur, calling Biden a “F*cking retard.”

Luckily another person in the crowd shouted “close the border!” effectively distracting the kid enough for Glenn to wrap it up and escape, but not before the kid concluded his commentary by saying “Have a blessed night, alright?”

Glenn then quickly moved on to interviewing rally speaker Mike Crispi, who previously ran for office in the state.

GLENN: Obviously, as you can see, the boardwalk here is is relatively …

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Trump, baby, 24. This is the year.

GLENN: This is the year?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: 24 is the year.

GLENN: ’24 is the year. Where you from, man?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: I’m from Jersey, right here, right outside Hamilton.

GLENN: Let me ask you something. As a young person, how popular is Trump amongst your generation?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Trump is just different. He’s different. He’s just he’s a leader. He he knows what’s going on.I mean he knows what he’s doing. He’s just special. You know what I mean? Look at the people. Everybody’s here. They all love him.

GLENN: They all love him.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Everybody loves him. He he’s different.

GLENN: Pop culture loves him. Everybody loves him.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Everybody loves him.

GLENN: Let me ask you a question. What is the one thing that the Biden administration has hurt you the most? Is it tuition. Or is it rent, is it gas, is it food?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: He’s just a sleepy fuck. As a 17 year old? I …

GLENN: Okay, well . . .

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Like I can’t afford gas anymore. He’s a he’s a gyp. I mean, come on.

GLENN: So, it’s the gas.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Yeah it’s the gas.

GLENN: Gas. All right.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: F*cking retard. We gotta get somebody serious back in office. I mean come on.

GLENN: There we go.

BYSTANDER: Close the border!


GLENN: There you go. Close the border. Close the border.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: That’s facts, too. Too many — come on. Hey.

GLENN: CLose the border, high gas prices. These guys know.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Have a blessed night, alright?

GLENN: I appreciate it. Hey, we want to encourage you to go to our website. We’ve got some great, great patriots. We also have the Patriots, as you know, is, you the viewer.

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