Ex-WWE Diva Dying In Prison From Blood Clot?

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch is currently facing a serious health issue while in prison. Sytch, who has had a tumultuous legal history, is now grappling with a significant blood clot.



Sytch’s legal troubles have been extensive, culminating in a 17-year prison sentence following her involvement in a fatal three-car crash in 2022. Earlier this year, she was transferred to Lowell Correctional Institute in Marion County, Florida.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Sytch described her alarming health situation. She noticed severe swelling in her left leg, extending from her knee to her toes, and sought medical assistance. Despite her persistent requests, weeks passed without any help, leading to her leg becoming significantly swollen, discolored, and developing a concerning lump beneath her calf. As a diabetic, Sytch found it increasingly difficult to walk.

“I could barely walk on my leg,” she said.

Following tests, Sytch was diagnosed with a blood clot that requires treatment with blood thinners. However, administering the medication has been challenging, raising concerns about the adequacy of medical care provided by the prison officials. Sytch expressed her intent to demand medical attention at an off-site hospital if the situation does not improve.

“All that’s been going through my mind for the past three weeks is, oh my God, I’m going to follow in [my ex-husband’s] footsteps and die of a blood clot just like he did because I can’t get medical treatment at this prison. It’s pretty bad,” she stated.

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