Famous Actress Drops Biden ‘Assault’ Bombshell

Roseanne Barr took to Twitter and uploaded a video where she joked that Joe Biden raped her, as she was satirizing the Donald Trump assault accusations by E. Jean Carroll.



The Secret Service agents tasked with protecting Hunter Biden at his Malibu mansion incurred expenditures of more than $4.5 million in just over a year, according to reports obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The substantial costs, covered by taxpayers, stemmed from agents maintaining a round-the-clock watch on Hunter Biden.

The records show that over $2.8 million was spent using a government credit card, with $1.12 million allocated to hotel room accommodations from 2021 to 2022 . Rental cars accounted for $632,071 of the expenses, which agents used while overseeing Hunter’s security at a lavish property costing $20,000 a month. Additionally, the Secret Service spent $30,000 monthly to lease a neighboring property near Hunter’s residence.

The villa in Malibu, valued at $6 million, included luxurious amenities such as a pool, gym, spa, and built-in BBQ. While the setup allowed agents to maintain a close watch over Hunter Biden, the spending extended beyond basic necessities, including purchases from Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples, and Amazon.

A Secret Service spokesman stated that the agency does not discuss details of spending and operational procedures, emphasizing that its primary mission is to safeguard the continuity of the American government.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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