Famous Boxer Drops Diddy Drug Bombshell

Ryan Garcia’s career has been under scrutiny since his recent failed drug test. The positive test came the day before and the day of his fight against Devin Haney, raising questions about his win. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association confirmed that Garcia tested positive for Ostarine, a performance-enhancing drug. As a result, Garcia was given 10 days to request the testing of his B-sample.



Garcia’s victory over Haney is now being questioned, prompting the California native to defend himself on social media. He posted a video clip where he vehemently denied cheating, questioning why the drug test results were not released earlier if he was indeed guilty of using performance-enhancing substances. The video was captioned,

 ‘Fake news like I was Donald Trump’: “I came on here to address this bull f**king s**t claim that I cheated. Everybody knows that I don’t cheat. Why didn’t they come up with this before the fight, if they found it before? Why would they let me step in the ring as a cheater?”

Following this video, Garcia posted a cryptic tweet involving rapper P Diddy, suggesting that “Diddy paid for the drug test. Allegedly.” The exact meaning and intention behind this tweet are unclear, but it indicates that Garcia is trying to challenge the legitimacy of the drug test or imply external interference.

Despite his win over Haney, Garcia’s record of 25-1 remains controversial due to this incident. Additionally, he did not claim the title after the fight because he was overweight at the weigh-in, resulting in a loss of about $500,000 from his fight purse. As the situation unfolds, Garcia continues to fight against allegations of cheating and maintain his innocence regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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