Fani Willis Prosecutors Caught Lying To Judge?

The office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is under scrutiny for alleged misconduct in the ongoing YSL trial involving rapper Young Thug. Attorney Keith Adams, representing Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, raised concerns about Assistant District Attorney Adriane Love’s handling of evidence related to a 17-second video. The context of the video is not entirely clear, but it is significant to the trial.



Love is the lead prosecutor in the RICO case against Williams and 27 others. Willis presented the indictment in May 2022, alleging that Williams is a key figure in Young Slime Life, an Atlanta-based street gang with ties to the Bloods. In court, Adams accused Love of misrepresenting the content of the video, stating that she had informed the judge that background voices in the video only said “yeah, yeah, yeah.” However, Adams claimed that the video contained other incriminating phrases such as “I’m going to tell a lie on God” and “snitching b*****.”

Adams strongly criticized Love’s conduct, suggesting that she intentionally misled the court about the video’s content. “If she wins the motion, ultimately, she wins. But you don’t do it standing there, three feet from you, in your face, and lying to the court. And that’s what she did, she knew what she was doing, and it’s not right,” Adams said.

Judge Ural Glanville acknowledged that Love’s information was incomplete, though he stopped short of accusing her of outright lying.

“What you did tell me, Ms. Love, wasn’t the entirety of what was purportedly on [the video]. It’s different if you had told me, ‘Judge, there are statements on there. Probably need to listen for yourself.’ Not just ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,'” Glanville commented.

Love responded by stating that she did not fully understand or hear all the content in the video. “When Mr. Adams just read those series of things that he read, half of what he said, I didn’t catch. The part that I did catch and remember is the part I kept repeating just now, ‘snitching b*****,'” she told the court. She also indicated that she perceived some defense motions and requests as more personal attacks than legal analyses.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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