Hannity Shockingly Backs Biden Saying He…

It has been noted that Sean Hannity labeled President Joe Biden’s debate proposal “great news” on Wednesday and supported his plan to cut the microphone of a candidate when they’re not answering a question, which is something Hannity stated will make Donald Trump “less aggressive” via Mediaite.



Hannity recently joined Fox & Friends after Biden took to social media to propose a couple of debates with Trump ahead of November’s presidential election, the first being in June.

“I think Donald Trump will wipe the floor with him, and I don’t care if we get the State of the Union jacked up Joe with caffeine, Red Bull, or whatever, or we get regular Joe that could barely walk off the stage last night,” Hannity said.

The Fox News host recently labeled Biden’s debate proposal a “Hail Mary pass” by a “desperate” campaign. Hannity has noted that the debates would also “lock” Biden in as the candidate.

One of the Biden campaign’s stipulations for debates would be that the microphones of candidates not speaking would be cut. Hannity agreed to this proposal and admitted Trump was likely “too aggressive” in his first 2020 debate with Biden.

“He proposed a format that I think is extraordinarily favorable for [Trump], which is if you’re not talking, your mic’s not on,” he said. “I think one of the difficulties in 2020 is probably Donald Trump, in that first debate, was too aggressive. This will then kind of put rails in place so one person talks at a time, and the more Joe talks, I think the worse he does.”

In a video posted to social media on Wednesday, Biden needled Trump over his ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan and said he beat him in two debates in 2020.

“Make my day, pal,” the president said.

Trump responded to Biden’s proposal by accepting on Truth Social and calling Biden the “worst debater I have ever faced.”

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