Jon Stewart Exposes Joe Biden As Fraud

Jon Stewart didn’t hold back during his set at this year’s Netflix Is a Joke Fest, aiming his comedic commentary at President Joe Biden’s age and the rise of the “anti-woke” movement. Stewart’s style of comedy is known for its bluntness, and this performance was no exception.



Stewart began his set by addressing Biden’s age, acknowledging the reluctance of liberals to discuss it openly. He pointed out the visible signs of Biden’s advanced age, suggesting that it’s hard to ignore when watching him on television. “I know liberals say, ‘Don’t say Joe Biden is old’ — don’t say what people see with their own eyes! You can say it, he can’t hear us,” he said. “When you watch him on television, you’re nervous, aren’t ya?” Stewart clarified that he’s not dismissing Biden’s ability to contribute to society, but expressed skepticism about his capacity to lead as president, adding that Trump is also old but has the advantage of a supportive base that tends to overlook his shortcomings.

Stewart then shifted his focus to the “anti-woke” movement and the complaints about “wokeness” that have become popular among some conservatives. He questioned the idea that people are losing freedom of speech because of political correctness, calling out those who complain about not being able to say certain things. “What are you losing? ‘You can’t say anything anymore.’ What do you want to say? Shut the fuck up,” Stewart quipped. He described those who push back against “woke” culture as “the biggest fucking pussies you would ever find.”

Stewart’s comments reflect a broader cultural conversation about the limits of free speech and the political landscape. He argued that concerns about “wokeness” are overblown and that comedians can adapt to changing norms without much difficulty. His critique suggests that the outrage over “wokeness” often serves as a distraction from more substantive issues.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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