Kayleigh McEnany Stunned By Trump Affair With…

It has been noted that the hosts of the Fox News midday panel show Outnumbered were put in an awkward situation as they had to comment on details of Stormy Daniels’s testimony about her extramarital liaison with former President Donald Trump.



Well, Daniels is the adult film star who received a whopping payment of $130,000 from the Trump Organization as part of an alleged criminal scheme to cover up the affair in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election.

Trump is currently on trial for the hush money scheme, though it’s still not entirely clear what crime, if any, was committed.

Trump was warned by Judge Juan Merchan to not go into any salacious details but Daniels seems to have done just that, at least as it was reported by Fox’s Eric Shawn at the top of the segment:

She recounted when she met the former president at a charity and 2006, she said that she playfully him on the rear with a rolled up magazine, the publicist then encouraged her to meet him, she said when she went up to his hotel penthouse to have dinner with him he was wearing silk or satin pajamas he said. Just like Hugh Hefner. He then changed, at one point she went into the bathroom and when she emerge trump was lying on the bed with his boxers and t-shirt, and then she described having intercourse with him on the bed. She described in detail saying she was not threatened by him but that she did luck out and that it seem like the room was spinning.

Co-hosts Kayleigh McEnany and Emily Campagno also expressed how aghast they each were that such humiliating details were allowed in the court of law. But it was Harris Faulkner’s reaction that grabbed the headlines.

“At one point, we heard from Lydia Hu, who is our Fox News, Fox Business correspondent there; she’s also an attorney,” Faulkner started, citing Hu. “She said, ‘It looks like Judge Marshall is letting this testimony in because prosecutors say it shows the story that Trump wanted to conceal by using falsified business records around the election.’”

“Meaning — all of that sex talk, I mean, the texture of it, about, well, ‘he didn’t have on a condom. But in my adult business life, that was always required.’” Faulkner said. “I mean, some of the details are beyond salacious. They are pornographic, quite frankly, and that’s her specialty. So I would imagine she’d be good at that.”


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