Kristi Noem Breaks Silence After Trump Attack

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem appeared on “Face the Nation” to promote her new book, with a notable endorsement from former President Donald Trump. His supportive blurb praised her leadership and claimed the book provided a “fantastic plan to Make America Great Again.” However, controversy arose when it was revealed that Noem had written about shooting her “less than worthless” dog, Cricket, due to its rambunctious behavior.



Trump reportedly reacted with disgust to the story, according to a Rolling Stone report. Sources indicate that he discussed Noem’s decision to kill her dog in private meetings and phone calls, questioning why she would do such a thing and why she would admit it publicly. He also suggested that this incident showed a lack of public relations understanding, noting that voters generally don’t appreciate politicians who kill dogs.

During her “Face the Nation” interview, CBS News’ Margaret Brennan asked Noem if Trump mentioned the reaction to her book after the controversy. Noem acknowledged Trump’s endorsement and said her book focuses on the shift in politics brought by Trump’s style, emphasizing that they’re not returning to the old ways of Mitt Romney or the Bush family. Noem described the book as a guide for citizens to reclaim their government and have a more significant say in it.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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