Soldiers Threaten To Kill Donald Trump With…

It has been noted that the members of the Ukrainian army have burned an effigy of former President Donald Trump as they label him a “traitor” via Express.



A video clip has emerged on Telegram and X that three masked soldiers deliver a speech to the camera as they stand in front of what appears to be a cardboard cutout of Trump.

“We address Donald Trump”, one soldier says. “Because of you, b******, President Zelensky couldn’t get any weapons. You will never be president again. You are a traitor.

“You will pay with your blood for what you did.”

It was noted that the soldiers then set fire to the Trump model as the camera focused on the blaze for the rest of the video. This took place after rumored that Trump was actively using his influence to hinder the provision of American aid to Ukraine.

This interference not only sabotages President Joe Biden’s foreign policy but also raises concerns about the deterioration of American power and credibility globally. As per Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic, despite no longer holding office, Trump is actively obstructing aid to Ukraine by rallying a minority of Republicans.

It is difficult to understand what motivates Trump’s actions towards Ukraine, considering the urgency of the situation and the potential consequences. Some believe that Trump’s actions go beyond isolationism and instead reflect a desire to engage with the world on different terms, possibly driven by a desire to negotiate a “deal” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Critics suggest that Trump’s decision to withhold aid from Ukraine could be a strategic move aimed at gaining concessions from Putin or undermining Biden’s reputation. These motives align with the transactional politics of autocrats that Trump admires, which poses a significant risk to the United States.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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