Trump Case Judge & Jeffrey Epstein Bombshell Leaks

Judge Bruce Reinhart had signed off the search warrant to raid former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and is shown by a newly released affidavit to have authorized an egregious pressure campaign to get a witness in the classified documents case to “flip” on former President Donald Trump via Trending Politics News.



It has been noted that the Department of Justice attorney Jay Bratt, who is a member of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s team, submitted warrants for highly invasive searches for witness Walt Nauta to Judge Reinhart, who promptly authorized them, as per the affidavit.

Nauta has been accused of moving boxes of classified documents at Donald Trump’s behest and misleading prosecutors. Along with Trump, he faces as many as five counts of concealing or withholding documents and taking part in a conspiracy to obstruct justice, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

It has come to light that as demonstrated by the newly released affidavit, the controversial judge signed off on pressure campaign that effectively intimidated the witness and violated his privacy rights.

Legal analyst and court reporter Julie Kelly explained how the pressure tactics should be seen through the prism of Bratt attempting to get Nauta to “flip” on Donald Trump.

“Why? For moving boxes and allegedly giving inconsistent statements to authorities about boxes,” she continued, adding, “Reinhart of course also signed the Mar-a-Lago search warrant. Everywhere you turn in this case, it gets dirtier and dirtier.”

“HOLY SH*T: Reinhart also signed off on a warrant to search NAUTA’S CAR,” she remarked. “Like he’s a drug dealers or child trafficker. This was all about DOJ’s degenerate midget Jay Bratt attempting to torment Nauta into flipping on Trump.”

“And Nauta’s residence,” she went on. “FBI started targeting Nauta in May 2022. Bratt/DOJ wanted Nauta to flip and become a cooperating witness against Trump.”

“During a separate witness FBI interview, one FBI agent asked the witness about Nauta’s general state of mind and if he was seeing anyone at the time,” she noted.

“And Nauta’s email account. The House Judiciary Committee needs to get the name of the WFO agent responsible for this,” she commented.

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